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  1. Nalgene

    Newbie Jetting questions

    gratz sir.. Thanks for taking the time..
  2. Alright I will paste the standard jetting specs then kinda explain why i am confused.. Model (S, E, or K): Its an 05 yz450f I think its a khein Main jet:stock (145?) Pilot Jet: Was stock(45?), just put a 48 in it.. Fuel screw (turns out): zip-ty was 2? but never really changed the idle? Needle/Clip position: stock Airbox lid (on or off):Ummm no lid? just a seat Pipe: bent the stock, its got a FMF powercore 4 Altitude where you ride: sea level Temperature where you ride: Arizona! and in the hot part of AZ. Are you happy with your current configuration: Umm, im not sure if my jetting is @!$@!%^ up or not... I know the old saying is " if its not messed up dont try to fix it" or something.. I bought the bike last year new from a dealer.. Im guessing they didnt touch the jetting.. After teaching my self how to ride (23year old, for christ sake it was about time i got a bike) I looped out the bike and bent the stock muffler to hell.. I replaced it with a FMF powercore4, noticed no difference in power? but hell i wasnt really able to ride the bike and pay attention to the motor.. cause i was trying to keep it on two wheels.. SO with this I couldnt really get a feel for a good base line. After installing the Ziptie fuel screw I tryed playing with it to set the fuel screw, but it just never made a difference how much i turned it in or out. The bike never popped on decel or had a bog.. Also on reading the forums i read about the wonder that is called "ap squirt and Modification" I read that people were taking that cover off the carb and safety wiring the ap squirt black thing to the screw, so basicly they moved insync. I guess this would make the ap timing ZERO??? I still dont think i have a bog.. the Bike rips when i roll the throttle and doesnt really stop pulling.. the top end feels flat? but im not confident in my ability to judge if the bike is running out of power or not. I just did a summer maint on it, and replaced the plug. the tip was a nice golden brown, but past the tip and on the threads was black.. the bike has that goofy 4 speed and it seems like it runs out of gear real quick.. but i guess it does get up to speed in a hurry.. I do alot of riding on the motocross track "working on jumps" but im only 20mins from Glamis dunes.. and i see my self spending lots of my free time playing on the hills with a paddle.. So heres the deal... Ap squirt mod I installed is it bad? I uped the piolt jet to a 48 thinking I could get the fuel screw to work (only made the bike pop a little on decel). Does the Main jet or Needle need adjusting from stock postions? Jet kits like JD, are they a quick anserw to help people out with jetting issues.. Perhabs im just an idiot that needs to stop tinkering.. thanks for helping and sorry for writing a novel.. just didnt want to leave anything out.. ohh and i almost frogot ( kitchen sink )
  3. Nalgene

    installing grips...

    I have found that using 6 zipties inside the grip helps alot when you slid them on. I dont even use glue i just safety wire them up after they are slid on.. cheap and easy thats what you asked for.
  4. Nalgene

    a physics video

    NO they are not rated the same... JT paintball masks look like they have goggles that look similar to any pair of smiths or scotts but they are not.. Look at a pair of Vforce masks.. That is seriously some stong plastic.. Dont speak BS to someone that knows what is the TRUTH.. And who ever said they were putting there visor down, Is partially correct but you need to watch the video again if you think you are 100% correct.. I love the sport of dirt bike riding and I love my Paintball.. and paintball has a horrible public view cause of kids shooting bums on the street or just general asshatery using a paintball marker.. We give crap to thoes that dont practice proper saftey when riding.. and I am just giving my 2 cents on proper safety using a paintball marker. Original poster, Nice video and you did make a effort for some safety, but if you play ball and that looked like a decent marker and the one kid was wearing a paintball jersey then someone knows that paintballs are not very accurate, i know only 50ft but there is no room for error bro.. Good luck on future video ventures.. Full face paintball mask -->http://www.shop4paintball.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2700
  5. Nalgene

    a physics video

    ok so you know how we are always making fun of the quad riders for wearing little to no gear.. Well wearing a set of MX goggles and shooting a paintball gun at them is just about as smart as not wearing a helmet riding.. paintball goggles / masks are made specifically for taking the impact of a paintball traveling at 300fps. Mx goggles are not made for such impacts. Please for the love of god don't shoot your eye out kid.
  6. Nalgene

    Millsaps on 450

    ivans out.. davi will be top 5.
  7. Id Rather not get a whole new set of Rads.. not yet I might see if the local dealer can get a OEM sent out Asap...
  8. Looking for a place to buy only the LEFT side of the Rad on a 05 yzf 450. Did a little dance with a bail of hay in the whoop section tonight and bent it slightly.. IT held all the coolant and seemed to fuction as normal.. but it is kidna pushing out my Rad shroud into my knee when i stick it out... I checked Motosport and Motoworld and Rocky mnt ATV they all say Out of stock. I'm not going to repair it until later, but i would like a new left side so i can ride next Sat on the track.. Pls any ideas.. Thanks boys
  9. Any opions on pro tapers top clamp.. Thanks for everyones imput. Its good to know that the bottom clamp is more bling than performance. That saves a couple hunny
  10. Looking to pick up a set of triple clamps for my 05 yzf450. SO far it looks to be RG3 and Applied that offers full triple clamps. *top and bottom* Any thoughts on which is better or other brands. What do these triple clamps do that stock clamps dont do..
  11. Nalgene

    streetbike crash vid.

    Why was DV12 in there.. crazy frenchy
  12. Nalgene

    damn announcers

    why is krista voda back.. I thought they got rid of her a$$ before houston. That other chic was WAY better looking. If we dont get the 30 sec board girl wiggle I demand we get a better looking annoucer that doesnt have a FETISH about big whoops.. Krista is always dripping wet to talk about the whoops..
  13. Nalgene

    damn announcers

    OHHH that is not the worst part.. *SPOILER* HOw about they are always doing LONG A$$ replays, And during this last race BOTH times Ricky and JAmes went down, they were doing some BS replay.. JUST PLAY THE @!%!@%!ing tape! Ohh and i wish that ricky had nailed that boat in the middle.. That would have made the points race even closer.
  14. Nalgene


    "Hiting the brake slows you down and is not the right way to get the front end down" Does your bike have an air brake. Doing either the body motion or rear brake will assit you in bringing the front tire down in mid air. But If you are really in a skyward wheelie in the air, hit the brake cause your not going to be able to throw the bike forward..
  15. Did you make that bad boy, or buy it like that. I love the foot pegs instead of the flat board.