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  1. rmzsuzuki

    Low budget tune-ups

    What are your recommendations/ experiences with any lower budget, high power modifications. Some people cant afford the best quality mufflers, intake, heads, or dont know whats most important. What brands, areas of modification, or special tips do you recommend?
  2. two weeks ago i was riding a popular track in NW Houston and was neck and neck with a pretty formidable opponent. I can't remember the crash but we collided in midair Needless to say i came down hard, (without my bike). My next memory was after the life-flight to the hospital two days later. I had a broken collarbone and shoulder-blade(hard bone to break), two broken ribs and four broken vertebrate, a collapsed and bleeding lung, a lacerated liver, brain damage, and an artery in my neck in danger of corrupting . Later, after the mayhem, i asked about my bike and all that was wrong was a bent handle bar and messed up body work. It ran after the crash and it was used to take my dad to the ambulance . I cant believe that my bike was virtually unharmed when before that i had just leaned it over once and my radiator got screwed up bad(and expensive to fix). Share you're story of a crash where your injuries weren't proportional to your bike's.
  3. rmzsuzuki

    OLD 380 vs. NEW 250

    My dad argues that his unmodified '99 380 sx is faster than the high end 250's of today do you agree?
  4. rmzsuzuki

    KTM 2 strokes past 2007 ?

    my dad says that his '99 380 sx is faster than today's high-end 250's Agree or disagree?
  5. rmzsuzuki

    So, what do you do when the crash is coming?

    Does it help to lean bike forward and prepare for over-bars crash?
  6. rmzsuzuki

    Do You Holler When You're Racing?

    I suggest talking to yourself during a race. Look ahead and tell yourself exactly how to best get through. I dont usually yell while riding but I might start; it might be fun to talk like I do to old drivers: "get off the track geezer! get your ride in a cereal box?get outta the fast lane!"
  7. rmzsuzuki

    4 strokes vs 2 strokes FMX

    you are not upside-down long enough to affect fuel flow to engine.....pretty sure....I'll try,compare,and get back to you.
  8. rmzsuzuki

    Speed Wobble Sucks! HELP!

    Oh yeah and which works better? Damper or suspension?
  9. rmzsuzuki

    Speed Wobble Sucks! HELP!

    I know I am not the only RMZ250 rider who experiences speed wobble on the whoops or after the landing of a jump. You're just ridin along then all of a suddenly . I seriously had a speed wobble once while still on the whoops that lasted nearly 50 yds. and felt like forever. I've talked to people who don't ride my bike but said their aftermarket susp. helped alot. I thought about a damper; dont know cost. Any suggestions?
  10. rmzsuzuki

    holeshot device

    Definitely invest in holeshot device. Garunteed to help holeshot. Ask any pro/ semipro rider.
  11. rmzsuzuki

    throttle grip

    Quick overgrip is a skill acquired by Practice and paying attention to your position. When you watch the pros, they almost never drop their elbows. Q: will 80% throttle get you to 80% speed as fast as 100%? A: NO, the more air you let into your engine the faster the RPMs will climb. It helps to know before a straight how fast you will need to be going so that you need not bother loosening your grip in the corner. Once you are accustomed to the track you can over-grip before the corner, decrease to 20% throt. which will put your elbows in perfect cornering position, and speed down the straight (or short-before-jump). After the high speed, do a quick grip release to return to normal grip. Most of the time, out of a corner you do not need full throttle that is one of he reasons cars have Traction Control System (so that too-high throttle dosnt mess with traction.) (If you have good tread, scratch that statement)
  12. rmzsuzuki

    Bent Radiator but not Leaking

    Thanx I might try the boiling water thing or just the JB weld
  13. rmzsuzuki

    Hey TT'ers!

    Why Does The Gary Not Respond You Ask? Is It That He Does Not Like Us? No. Simply Answering Questions On Other Forums He Is. Please Stop Asking Him Questions And Saying Hi, I Insist. -yoda
  14. rmzsuzuki

    Bent Radiator but not Leaking

    About 30 ride hours ago I lost traction and my radiator went down right on a big rock. I didnt notice that my radiator was bent until I rode back to my house and saw the damage. The outside bottom third of my left radiator is bent about 30 degrees back but the extent of leakage was about 5mm and then it stopped. On our next day out the fluid level was fine but I constantly took breaks to check for leakage. It has run perfect since and my dad says not to try to bend it back . I called Rice Honda and a new '04 RMZ radiator is $200.08 . I'm low on money now and my bike is fine. What should I do?
  15. rmzsuzuki

    mx vs atv pc game

    no doubt the machines are great