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  1. blndebmbr

    Arthroscopic Repair Opinion?

    Thank you Dr. Mark for your response, I appreciate it. Unfortunately a ticket to Texas is nowhere in my future. I really wish it were, considering the doctors in my insurance plan always seem to be lesser.
  2. blndebmbr

    Arthroscopic Repair Opinion?

    Hi Dr. Mark. Unfortunately I do not know all the details of my injury. I know that the MRI only showed minor distortion of my labrum, yet my arm pops out of joint at random. I was sobbing at my exam yesterday because it will not stay in place. My doctor stated it was very unstable and did need surgery...So I am 'assuming' I am looking at a Barnkart type injury. I did a search and saw that your opinion of Arthroscopic Barnkart repair in 2006 was that of it not being the most robust repair. Are you still of this opinion? I am meeting with my surgeon today to discuss options. I understand my lack of detail inhibits your response, but I am mainly interested in knowing if your opinion of the arthroscopic method of repair has changed. In discussions yesterday I presented to my doctor my concern for a robust repair and he agreed, but also stated that arthroscopic methods have evolved quite nicely. His concern on open repair is the need to go through the muscles.... Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. blndebmbr

    pretty soon, it's going to disappear..

    Yeah, Vickie Golden won last year.....From what I hear, sponsors push the women to run Loretta's. Not sure, since I am no where near pro, but that is what I hear. I don't know why sponsors would want their pro winning an amatuer event..... Women going to X games has helped-at least those getting an invite skip Loretta's. Here's the reality of female sports...regardless of venue. No one wants to watch women compete unless it is mud wrestleing. Well I shouldn't say no one, but not enough do. Look at women's pro basketball. Danica is talented-she has to be. But because she is attractive, everyone wants to say that is how she got to where she is, which any racer knows is BS. I don't care how sweet her boobs are, a guy on a track is not going to just let her go by....but to make people feel better about themselves they have to say she is only there for looks. Now her endorsements are a different story. Her looks probably help a lot there. There is no getting around the fact that Danica is a complete package that sponsors should be fighting over. Talented and attractive. I respect her tons....of course I LOVE her boost mobile commercials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lGA0VTRNhI HAHAHAHA!! I haven't seen this one before!!!
  4. blndebmbr

    pretty soon, it's going to disappear..

    Women's MX pisses me off...no other way to say it. First off, in the racing I have done, the women that completely rock the womens' class end up in the back of the open classes. I have only seen one female MXer make top ten in the open class and that was this year at Azzie. In Vet B, Dawn Edwards did really well this spring and finished top 10 in a 40 rider gate. All the other top girls fall to the back of the pack in 250 B and C. EVERY race. Does that mean they are not working hard enough? I don't know. I wouldn't say they are slacking. Look at the Honda film when they announced Ashley as a part of the Red Bull team. As fast as she is, she is still light years behind the rest of her male team mates. I dare any of you to tell her she needs to work harder and be more determined..... And then we have Amateur racing. Where we shove all women of all levels into the same class. 85 cc bikes next to 250cc four strokes. Hell, even for the amateur championship (Lorettas), women with pro licenses are allowed to race. How can women's racing EVER be taken seriously when there is no line drawn between pro and amateur? How do girls move forward when they are stuck against a pro rider? They can't unless the pro rider has enough class to bow out at the end. I know...the amateur girls need to work harder. It's BS in my personal opinion. Riders move to pro for a reason....I'd like to see the guys' reaction to lining up next to Stewart, Dungey or Alessi at a local amateur event. I wonder if they would agree with the statement they had to work harder to get faster. And because Women's is run as an age class, pros are allowed to run it. There is no Women's A/B/C in my area. I think California is the only place that has enough women to break up the class. I know, the number of riders is an issue too....but just maybe we could grow our sport more with more options for female riders. I also think comparing women's mx to Indy, Drag racing or any other 4 wheeled sports is a waste of time. 2 wheels is completely different. I don't care how much desire you have, if you don't have a distinct talent and strength you will NEVER be in the top. It is just the reality of it all. You can teach driving, not riding. (Not taking away from these athletes, but four wheels and a cage make a huge difference) Yes women's racing has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go....I mean, we are too frail to handle anything over a 250 cc machine...... Ok, I'll stop now.
  5. blndebmbr

    So, family stuff:

    I was going to type out a whole story but I don't want it out here forever... DRZ, I have a similar situation. You need to do what is right for you. You have to look at you in the mirror every day and if you can sleep at night then you have made the right choice. Don't let anyone force you into a relationship you will loathe. Don't force yourself into a relationship you think you should have because of the biology...the links break for a reason sometimes and fixing them can be very painful.
  6. blndebmbr

    Intro and serious question

    My third MX season and I still find myself doing it. I call it Wrist Lock.... I use my clutch to over come it. Whenever I feel like I am getting out of control, I pull in the clutch. For some odd reason I cannot come off the throttle when I am freaked out. It's like a deer in headlights. So I overcome with the clutch. I find that I panic less now than I did before. Maybe it is because I am using the clutch without thinking about it or maybe I am getting better on the throttle.... All I know is that when I pull in the clutch, the transmission disengages and I get hurt a lot less.... Good Luck!!!
  7. blndebmbr

    It's Official!!

    Congrats! Gorgeous dress....absolutely gorgeous.
  8. blndebmbr

    Advice on my 7-year old daughter

    I don't know....we worried a lot about my daughter's step up as well. She is tall, always has been, so she has had the benefit of being big enough from a physical perspective. However, the down fall is that even though she is over 5' tall she is still emotionally a child. People look at her and think she is 14 and she is 12 so that brings other challenges. As far as bikes go, she went from a PW80 to a small wheel ttr125 to a big wheel ttr125 (that lasted 2 minutes) and then to the YZ85. Now we are looking at a 125...... I am not going to lie. The transition to the 85 was tough. I was so afraid she was going to say screw this and quit. But she never did. We are always at a speed bump with riding. She is struggling with jumps. She is afraid to jump right now so now again I am afraid she is going to quit. But the reality is that she loves it and keeps pressing forward. So no matter the obstacle, she is going to keep at it. If she were going to quit, she wouldn't need a reason like her bike is too hard to ride. She would just quit. So what I am trying to say is, find the upgrade bike that makes the most sense. If you make it too easy for her, she will appreciate it less. The challenge should inspire her to work harder to reach the goal of managing the bike. I am not lying when I say Sierra thought about quitting but then one day she just "got" it. She had one nasty highside and it took quite a bit of courage on her part to get back on it. Which she did (and seems to be faster than me at times) Now I am waiting for her to "get" the jumping thing. lol Keep at it dad, she'll keep at it because she sees how happy it makes you. Little girls are funny that way. Be smart on the bike choice. Buy the one that is right for the job, not the one that will make the job easier for her. It's a shortcut you will later regret.
  9. blndebmbr

    My son's grad music video

    Very nice!!!
  10. blndebmbr

    Opinions on this gear...

    It's ok. My Thor Knee guards barely fit. I would verify if you have bigger bulkier styles. Braces would definitely be a challenge.
  11. blndebmbr

    Bragging on my girls

    Haha! That is awesome....even more awesome that you are bragging about it!
  12. blndebmbr

    Opinions on this gear...

    I had shift's gear last year. I liked it alright and it didn't seem subpar in quality. Zippers still work and seams are still holding. And these days my ass is trying to go through the seams in the pants!!! lol Last year: This Year:
  13. blndebmbr

    My moto day rant

    I love a good battle. Otherwise you are paying an entry free to ride around....I don't care if I am fighting for last place. I love nothing more than trying to dive into a corner a bit deeper, getting on the gas a bit sooner or jumping a new jump just to gain a position. I end up forgetting all the stuff that scares me and go for things I normally wouldn't....nothing like a battle.
  14. blndebmbr

    Stranger things have probably happened ...

    Congrats Sharla!!!!! I am so happy for you two! Way to have your wedding YOUR way!
  15. blndebmbr

    MSF Nightmares

    I agree with this. But I also know that when I took my MSF it was range (riding) rain or shine. We were told that no matter the weather, we would be riding when it was time. So I am not certain your instructor had a choice in the riding in the weather. I would write to MSF and let them know directly. They take the impact of their instructors seriously.