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  1. I own a 2002 JGC overland with the 4.7 HO engine. It's rated to tow 6500 lbs with a tongue weight of 750 lb. It has the towing package with tranny cooler, heavy duty radiator, et al. I'm looking at picking up a used 2002 Carson FC182 which scales in at 4090 lb with tongue wait of 645 lb dry. gear of two quads/gas/water/supplies for the desert or a single jet ski will push the weight up to about 5800-6200 lb the trailer has 1000 lb Weight-distrubution bars and i'd buy a prodigy controller when going over the mountain from san diego to the desert i'd haul it dry then fill up water near the dunes and dump coming back so really i'm looking at around 5500-5800 max weight The jeep wheel base is 105 inches so am I dreaming being able to tow this effectively? I only will use it about 10 times a year so please don't tell me to buy a seperate deisal towing vehicle as that is not an option the trailer is rated within the specs of the jeep and i know i'll have some sway but the sway control bars with the WD system should minimize that. I'm not planning on racing at 75 down the mountain and am fine with cruising 45 up the mountain. am i forgetting something? is there something else i need to consider? what logical reasons are there for not doing this? thank you for your assistance in this decision oh btw also tell me if $8000 for a base FC182 with the WD system and a generac 4000 generator is a decent price.