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  1. BackCountry

    Lost oil drain plug

    My son and I were out riding today and he hit a rock, loosening the oil drain plug which them vibrated out a short distance later. Could not find it - of course. Luckily I saw the oil coming out of the engine and made him shut it down before any damage was done. He did get to push it (down hill) about a mile to the nearest road for me to pick him up. Of course tomorrow is Sunday and there are no bike shops open. I could pick up a temp bolt to keep him riding at the hardware store and get a new magnetic one next week. Does anyone know the size and pitch of the threads on the drain bolt? I can't seem to find this info anywhere. I believe it is 12 mm, but not sure of the pitch. Thanks.
  2. BackCountry

    07' KTM's street legal?

    Registered and plated in Colorado would make it legal to ride on the road in New Jersey, or anywhere I believe. I don't know about transferring the title from Colorado to New Jersey if sold. The Colorado title simply states it as a KTM - body style MC and the vin number. East coast states have different customs than out west.
  3. BackCountry

    07' KTM's street legal?

    My 06 450 EXC came street legal. Well, not out of the box, but the dealer set it up street legal before I took possession of the bike. Temp tags and pink slip, lights, mirror, and horn. Part of the purchase deal. Made final tags simple - 50 state legal now. If KTM won't do it, make your dealer do it as a condition of the purchase.
  4. BackCountry

    400/450EXC, could I ride on the road?

    Wow, that would be a fun trip! I hitchhiked through that part of the world almost 20 years ago, but a bike trip would have been awesome!
  5. BackCountry

    400/450EXC, could I ride on the road?

    They (KTM's) go down the road fine, but it is a race bike, not a commuter. I try to stay off the pavement because it eats knobbies at high speed. Dirt roads are fine. Occasionally you have to ride on the highway from one trail to another, keeps up in traffic fine, but something I try to avoid. Why put all those miles/maintance into the road miles? As for carrying a passenger, only in an emergency. Have carried people many miles to fetch a truck for a broken bike or the sheriff shutting down the non plated guys. Tiring for both people though. When my kids were small I let them ride up front to get into the high country to watch the elk calf & experience the back country. Now that they are too big to ride in front, they are out of luck....
  6. BackCountry

    good bad & ugley of 2003 ktm 300exc

    I put 11 years on my '95 300 exc. So far the best bike I've ever had! It is street legal (even in California, last year before they were banned). I put over 20,000 miles on it in the Colorado High Country. Rebuild the top end often, replaced the crank once. Great bike. Sold it for $1200 and just purchased a 450 EXC, only switched to 4-stroke because I need it street legal (getting harder even here for twostrokes) and I wanted the torque and electric start for the cold nights during hunting season also need lights for my long rides (and huntin), no longer offered on the 300 XCW. I loved my 300, hope the 450 lives upto what I got out of my old bike! I'm sure it will, its a KTM... If you found a good deal on a 300 EXC I'd recomend it!