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  1. ok i understand that i guess i said it wrong and i quote from the magazine. "For example, the magic honda always had was the cranks. There was something about those cranks-I cant tell you what they did to them-but when you got on and rode there was virtually no vibration to your hands."
  2. Ok i just read the new dirtrider and rick johnson is the guest editor and he is talking about his 86 works cr250 in an article. He cant give the details even though they don't even race 2 stroke anymore but he says his bike had no vibration because of the crank. I come from a four stoke and thinking about buying a 250 smoker but just rode a service honda cr500 and the vibration killed me in the 50 mile loop i rode it on. Does anyone have clue what they do to accomplish that? thanks
  3. zach357

    rangers on dirtbikes

    wannaride2 any chance you where riding in riverside county? A year or two back i was at the anaheim supercross in the pits and the riverside county sheriff was there and they had an off road law enforcement team all riding the same bike as you mentioned but white plastics. Talked to them they all had to become cops first and work an x amount of years before applying they also said its very competitive
  4. zach357

    rangers on dirtbikes

    Actually saw borders wars the other night and that's kinda what sparked this again for me but border patrol=fluent Spanish...that's just not goanna happen with me I was afraid of hearing the word quads, I rather not be a part of the ohv community then ride quads, tried it and will never spend my own money on it Wannaride2 good tip I'll try that next time I go riding
  5. I have a quick question for anyone that can help me. Does anyone have any info on how to get into riding a dirtbike as a ranger for any federal or state agencncys or any position thats the same but not called a ranger? I have looked for any info for awhile now and just cant even get started and find anything?
  6. zach357

    socal track guide

    well i thought this thread would take off a little bit better then it did but i guess ill help it out. So thanks to dirtaddict and a little more research i edited my original post and found that 4 of those 5 tracks i wasnt sure about are gone, the one thats still there is i5 so i put that back on the list. Now chaney ranch is a private track like the dog pound and you gotta know someone pretty much but they do let people ride there so i put that one under private tracks. lets see if we can get a good current list if you know of any private tracks or public ones that i missed please post them
  7. zach357

    California socal track guide

    So I was looking around for a current track guide a little bit and it seems that all the info is dated. So I put this to together real fast and maybe you can add to it if i forgot a track. Also theres some places I am not sure if there still open so maybe someone can chime in and clear it up. Pala raceway cahuilla creek mx the ranch zaca station mx starwest mx racetown 395 piru mx perris raceway milestone ranch av motoplex barona oaks raceway cal city mx competitive edge mx glen helen i5 mx private tracks dog pound chaney ranch motocross now the tracks that i am not sure about, if anyone knows the current status of these tracks that would be great adelanto motorplex-gone lake elisnore-gone lacr-gone lucerne valley raceway-gone sun valley-never approved
  8. zach357

    data acquisition..

    very interested in this also, if my memory serves me right on this forum in the pro racing section not to long ago they where talking about stewarts bike having traction control. The thread ended up talking about some data acquisition systems, forget the name i think it was one of his sponsors. Anyways might wanna check it out and see if you can find their website maybe youll find something. Hope this helps other than that bump for a good question
  9. is there any general idea of how far or just really noway to answer
  10. Haven't posted here in a while, feels good to be back. Now i have been thinking about this for awhile and was looking around on the internet for the answer and couldn't really come up with much. Lets just say that the sound of your exhaust is 95db, how far can that be herd? I know the 4 stoke sound travels further then the 2 strokes cause the low frequency sound waves if my memory serves me right but besides that all i could really find out is it has a lot to do with the conditions of the weather. Anyone with any insight to this would be greatly appreciated and i think it would be good information for people to know.
  11. zach357


    I think all you are over thinking the problem i just had the same problem last weekend first day home took it to my local shop, told them the problem got a call letter that day saying my clutch is bad needs new clutch plates and its being worked on as we speek now....id bet you its the clutch
  12. zach357


    ok first off i just the bought the bike and thats why i am just getting an s/a.............and i didnt need all your guys comments about get a s/a..........and i have never heard a bike starting a fire...personally i think its like 1 in a 10000000 chance of a bike starting a fire
  13. zach357


    i know.........and actually its already on order its just i wanna go riding now
  14. zach357


    does anybody know when the rangers are at the front gate to collect 5 bucks and check for s/a? I never remeber them being there on a weekday but i am not sure, if anybody knows if they will be there this wesnday let me know
  15. zach357


    just wondering what do real privateers drive now days to races? box vans? thanx zach