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  1. hondanemo

    Aftermarket air filters for XR's

    I've got an 'L Had the twinair, POS in my opinion, but just an opinion. Went back to the stock, heard everything about the UNI filter and decided if the local shop had it in stock I'd try it out. It's frikking awesome! I feel the powerband a lot more now when on the street, and I feel like I can't run out of torque offroad. Could just be that I'm on a 650, but I think that stock filter is far too restrictive. Uni filter + White Bros. E2 + new jetting settings is 'teh' awesome. -nemo
  2. Visors are expensive. A full face helmet getting pelted frequently by rocks will take its toll. Overall it's more cost effective to get plastic tear-aways on goggles than a new visor every other hard ride. Just my two cents.
  3. hondanemo

    exhaust 2006xr650l

    Ordered my White Bros. E2 @ the dealership. Paid $320. I heart it. Without the arrestor it's LOUD, but I prefer it that way on the street just so people can hear me. Otherwise just slip in the arrestor and hit some trails
  4. hondanemo

    Budget boots

    Thor Quadrants are pretty awesome. They'll break-in in about a ride or two, but you can cheat and just grab a soda and start walking around the block (that's what I did!). They've saved me one too many times in the short duration I've owned them! I can safely say they're pretty tough for the price. As far as sizing I wear a 13, and I bought a 13, but they feel just the slightest bit loose. I can still wear em, but I wouldn't mind a little tighter. Try them on yourself, you'll see. Great boot, great price. Period. -neems
  5. hondanemo

    What Do You Guys Wear

    I wear an NJK Mesh Breeze jacket (removable liners are SWEET in california), alpinestars SP-1 gloves, street helmet & jeans if I'm cruising around town. If I'm headed for the dirt, then it's full dirt armor & boots. I don't care what I look like, I want to know it won't hurt THAT BAD when I go down.
  6. hondanemo

    Forks and Turn Signals ... bummer

    Thank you guys for the help! Finally had some time after work to loosen up the forks a bit. That did the trick perfectly. Need to order that flasher for the blinkers. I didn't realize they'd be such a pain in the butt going with aftermarkets, ah well. Thanks again! I'm back on the road.
  7. First I want to start with how much information I've had from this site. It's pretty awesome to see all the feedback. I'm fairly new to my XR650 so these may sound pretty elementary. #1) Went riding this last weekend and ate the dirt a few times. Feels like the handlebars are tweaked to one side while riding straight now. Easiest way to bend back the forks? #2) Buddy's bike cleanly cut my front right turn signal off. All that was left was the stump and a 1/4 of wire. (Yes, it's an L). Got some DOT approved aftermarket signals for the front, and now the blinkers won't blink unless I'm on the throttle. What needs to be done to blink both on and off the throttle? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for helping a new guy!
  8. hondanemo

    whats everyone drive ?.

    2006 Ridgeline RTS. Love my truck. Smooth as heck compared to the Ranger I used to haul the bike around with. Only downside is everyone wants a ride cause it's a 4 door. I miss only having 2 doors and fake jumper seats in the back. Trunk makes for a great beer case, 4-wheel independant suspension means the beer doesn't take your eye out opening it.
  9. hondanemo

    Dealer tricks in Fresno

    It's kind of funny to see some of the responses. Might be beating a dead horse with this forum but bear with me. Not all sales people/sales managers are bad guys. Really it's the attitude of the customer that does the deal. Granted it may be the bosses bad day because he got a ticket speeding down the tollroad, or maybe your salesman is recovering from his birthday party the night before. Long story short have a good attitude. Never walk into a dealership without being able to walk away. At the same token, walking out over one missed point on a negotiation is weak on your part. You're discussing more than $2,000? Expect to be there for more than 20 minutes. Just looking for the best price? Internet price shopping? Hey guess what? All that does is short-stick your future service. I've had customers that over a year since their purchase I'll bend over backwards to make sure their visit is smooth and pleasant for service, or just to pickup a part/accessory. I did't make a dime off of them, but they treated me, the salesperson, with respect and I do the same for them. There are others who tried to "strong arm" me into a "beat this internet price from 40 miles away". Guess what? I'll let you walk, and lose the sale. Got a good attitude? Smile much? Here's one: don't call names. Wow... it's kinda like kindergarden all over again. A co-worker always says "if a customer wants to pay $100 for a vehicle, they're getting a $50 salesman". You don't have to buy a BMW enduro to gain my attention, but understand the sales guy has a living too. Negotiate a good price, don't just drop in with an offer from a dealership so far away you'd never drive to begin with. All that proves is that you deserve to pay full pop. Budget out what you're willing to spend, stick to it. Do your research and for the love of God please be pleasant!
  10. Supposedly there is a kit that will allow for a quick release to swap wheels for offroad/street use. I can't find it for the life of me. Anyone ever hear of such a kit? Is there an easy method using existing factory hardware? If it helps, I ride a 2006 XR650L. btw this is a heavy frikkin bike on the dirt! Lots of power! -Nemo
  11. hondanemo

    Nstyle graphics for xr650r?

    I've been looking everywhere under the sun. Only place I was really impressed with was XGX Racing. They have a pretty big selection from what I've seen, plus they can do custom orders too. Everywhere else I've looked simply has some off-stock XR650 stuff but nothing really eye catching. Haven't purchased from them yet, but I'm thinking of adding one of their gas tank graphics on the BRP soon. Just need to put on the E2 slip on first. Grunt over grooming! Anyone else try them before? Results?