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  1. I'm from Dallas and want to know where to ride in Houston this weekend. I mostly ride and race x-country but I am thinking about checking out the sx track there. It wouldn't hurt to work on my jumping. Wheres it located? Does it get crowded? Is it open on Friday? Thanks. Is there any nice long x-counrty track close by too.
  2. boxsterboy

    Riding in texas

    I race the over 35 in the TCCRA (tx cross country race assoc). The is a race March 24, Sunday. It about a 1 and a half hour drive from Grapevine. 20 min more from Dallas. My race is in the morning, first group out. I will get be leaving at 6:00 to get there to sign up at 7:30 and the race starts about 9. Should back by 1 or 2. The track is drying out nicely from the rains from a few days ago. The race will be between 35 to 50 miles on a new cut trail. You can pie plate it if your interested in going. You can even hook up with me Sunday morning at my house and I can drive. Call me if you interested. 817 442 1250
  3. boxsterboy

    Gear for wife?

    Ok I'LL bite. What kind of gear do you want to trade for your wife. Can you send a pic of her first. I mostly have Thor stuff.
  4. boxsterboy

    Easier clutch pull!!

    I use the MSR Raptor clutch and perch. It works very well. I highly recommend it.
  5. boxsterboy

    I'm ready to go to YZ timing- help

    I was having stalls and back firing after the BK mod when I blipped the throttle quickly. So I moved the needle clip from 3 to 4 I think. I moved it 1 position leaner. Thats all.
  6. I live in Dallas about 500ft above sea level and I'm going to do the YZ timing. I dont have time to experiement with needles and jetting. Whos got a fool proof set up that I can go by to dial her in. I also have a panaroma speedo and I can only get her up to 62mph running a 01 wr426. I done the baffle and airbox. Also the BK mod and throttle stop. Whats a optimal sproket setup for cross country racing. It's a good mix on straight, tight trees, sand, whoops and packed turns. thanks
  7. boxsterboy

    Looking for Hot Engine Start Tricks

    I can start my bike without the hot start button 9 out of 10 times. Either after a stall or fall. I always give it one kick and the 1 time it doesnt start out of 10 times, I then pull the hot start.
  8. boxsterboy

    Pro-Grip light sensitive goggles???

    Do you have a link to where you ordered them. I want to try them. They got great reviews in Dirt bike magazine. Thanks
  9. boxsterboy

    Reluctantly selling 01 426

    I'm interested in the stock rims. What do you want for them. Sorry but you can sell the stock 739 to someone else. I hated them. I assume you did too. email me will the price and where your located. Im in Dallas, TX dallasrich@aol.com
  10. boxsterboy

    New 01yz426 gas tank for sale

    I will buy your YZ tank. email me @ dallasrich@aol.com I have no idea what a new one goes for, but I will trust you on a fair price, let me know what you need to get for it.
  11. boxsterboy

    Cheap ($) Tanks

    I'll buy your YZ tank and seat. How much?
  12. boxsterboy

    Muffler shootout

    I just got a Raptor for my wife. (ok-me too).. The new limited, which I get in March, so in the intrum, I've been reading about upgrades. IN Dirt World there is a great Muffler shootout for the Raptor. There were 12 mufflers and it included dyno's, noise level, weight, price, etc. I was a great artical if your looking to get more HP. The winner added 13HP to the 660 engine. WOW. 35.? stock to 48.? with the CT Muffler kit which include a new needle and K & N filter setup. all for about 600.00. What inpressed me the most was the smooth Dyno results. Great increase all the way around. Has anyone seen a similar artical for the WR426. I want to get more power for my WR, but no one seems to give difinitive HP increases with dyno and noise info. Whats the best muffler out there.
  13. boxsterboy

    Who makes the best bike/lift stand?

    Costco (like a sams club)has a bike/atv/whatever lift that might be a bit over kill but is very sturdy and wide. It's a bit more in price but $99.00 isn't to bad. From what I can assertain. You'll be able to jack it up higher than a dirt bike lift and you can choose the height you want it at. You can roll it around. I just talked myself into getting one. Thanks ------------------ 01 WR426 Uncorked, YZ throttle stop, Grey wire cut, BK mod. Do I dare change to YZ timing. (soon)
  14. Even though I use a power washer also with my motojack, I seen several articals that state not to power wash o-ring chains. The reason why - the water is actually forced passed the o-ring and water gets trapped inside. The idea of the o-ring is to keep water and dirt out. By power washing your driving dirt and water in. It made sense to me. I make sure I don't hit it full force. I hold it far away and hit the chain straight on. I then oil it with motor oil. if I'm in a real rush I ude wd40 to keep it from rusting. The chain only has to last as long as the sprokets. So Its not super critical to make it last a long time. I just replace the chain when I replace the sprokets. ------------------ 01 WR426 Uncorked, YZ throttle stop, Grey wire cut, BK mod. Do I dare change to YZ timing. (soon)
  15. boxsterboy

    BK mod=Hospital trip

    Glad she is ok. I can relate. We have a lot in common. I ride a 01 Wr 426 and my wife competes jumping her horse. I wish her horse didn't cost so much. I could buy 8.3 bikes for what that animal cost. Shooting is not an option for me. So far she has broke her wrist. Sounds like you have a good setup, I wish we had the land to house our own horse. I'm sick of apying 650 a month to feed and house him. ------------------ 01 WR426 Uncorked, YZ throttle stop, Grey wire cut, BK mod. Do I dare change to YZ timing. (soon)