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  1. 2001 WR 250 Gas tank cracked at the petcock. Thanks to all that helped me find plastic glue to attempt a fix...didn't work I guess due to the gasket area around the petcock. Need a new tank. Clarke has one but says I need a YZ seat? Anyone put a new tank on their older WR? Thanks for your help TC
  2. Has anyone "fixed" a crack in a plastic gas tank? I have a 2001 WR250Fwith a small crack in the gas tank next to the fuel petcock. I have seen some plastic glue/epoxy type stuff on the net. Anyone tried a fix like this....I don't want to drop $200 on a new tank if I don't have to. Thanks, TC
  3. I've got some general questions that I think I know the answers to but it sure would help to get confirmation. 1. What does it mean when someone says the "top end is redone"? What is the top end. 2. What exactly is the powerband? 3. What is lowend power and top end power? simple questions, I know, but thanks for any replys.
  4. TChaap

    don't ya love buy'n a used bike !!!

    Cool. Thanks for the reply.
  5. TChaap

    don't ya love buy'n a used bike !!!

    YZ Tony, You installed the HOT Cams...did that do away with the decompression lever? How do you like them? TChaap
  6. I have a 2001 WR 250F. I want to pull the front light off and put on a YZ 250F front number plate. Will this work? If so, what year YZ plates will fit? Thanks, TChaap