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  1. spidertoy

    who rides on the street

    I am looking at the tourmaster advanced jacket, and the joe rocket alter ego pants, so I should stay warm and dry, (hopefully)
  2. spidertoy

    who rides on the street

    the what I want to know, is how do the stock tires do in the wet climate of the great PNW? and also what kind of roads do y'all ride on? backroads, or highways? I would be riding on backroads till I get comfortable on it, and how much are SM tires anyways, and would it be worth getting a second set of rims?
  3. spidertoy

    who rides on the street

    in washington, the other day I saw a DRZ on highway 99 in everett, and was then saw another at the intersection of 99 and airport road, am going to be getting a DRZ 400S for a commuter/playtoy and just wanna know a couple things
  4. spidertoy

    need your opinions, which enduro

    yeah I have decided to get the DRZ, and I am going to take the course in november cause the septembetr class is too close to our babies due date, and yeah the whole common sense bit is the only way to fly(ride) I would love to start earlier( my truck is going through a tank of gas a week, and at 45-60 a tank, I think that the bike would pay for itself in gas money) hopefully some other things will fall into place and I can get the bike sooner, so that I can play with it in my yard
  5. spidertoy

    dual sport dilema

    I also heard FROM the dealer that the kawsaki is more of a street bike with benefits, and that is why I am going to go with the DRZ, and from what I have read online about the DRZ it'll do just fine with a fair bit of weight on it
  6. spidertoy

    need your opinions, which enduro

    I was thinking that the gear would do just that, but does one brand provide better rain proofing then another? and I have pretty much decided on the DRZ, the Kawasaki dealer said on tuesday that he would have a 650 in on wednesday for me to look at, but he didnt, told me thursday, then when I went in there today, guess what... no bike oh well, guess I will spend my money elsewhere (everett motorsports)
  7. spidertoy

    need your opinions, which enduro

    the xr? is that the honda model? I dont know anything about bikes, but I do kinow that the DRZ is in my price range, and is the size that I want, and it does have E-start, kinda thinking that I would like to try some tighter trails, but not till I get comfortable on the bike on wide open areas... like my yard and I called today about the motorcycle safety course, and the only $100 one isnt until november, is that a bad time to take it? other wise its $240 for the one in september... another question, what type of gear do I want to get? I know that I need waterproof (washington's wet in the fall, winter, and spring) is there a difference in protection/ comfort from one brand to another? sorry for all the questions, but figured that you guys would be the best ones to ask
  8. spidertoy

    need your opinions, which enduro

    sorry thats wheeler speak for Daily Driver, I would be riding 27 miles to and back from work, (mostly back roads) just need to know if I am thinking properly that the 650 is a bit too much bike for a beginner I am going to be taking the motorcycle safety course, so that should help
  9. spidertoy

    dual sport dilema

    that is where I am at right now, I am interested to see what everybody says
  10. should I buy for my first bike ever... the suzuki drz400s? the kawasaki, klr650? or??? please help me out, I have NO IDEA as to what I want, just that it has to be enduro, so that I can ride on the road as a DD, and play in my yard a little bit
  11. spidertoy

    washington state riders

    bump, went to the ORV committee meeting tonight, and now the DNR says that there are some concerns about spotted owl, and they are going to be working with federal agencies to "mitigate" their habitat to another nearby locale... hopefully that wont take too long
  12. if you ride at Reiter Trails, there is some news that you should hear... please check out www.reitertrailwatch.org and help us all out with GPS mapping of the bike trails, we have been working on mapping all the trails, and we have the 4X4 trails done, but we need help with the bike trails. I would also like to invite some bike riders to come to our next meeting which is the third thursday of february @ 7pm at the Alfy's pizza in Snohomish on Ave. D