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    riding, riding, riding, and did i mention riding.
  1. jeffgoodtime

    Big Bore Thumpers

    For everyone reading this this is not and ad or marketing ploy. My name is Jeff Buentiempo And i just wanted to Give a big thanks to Big Jay and his better half Dianne and the crew working the front counter / phones. Working with you guys was a blessing. I do miss being a part of some of the worlds fastest motorcycles. And the quality of the work done. Big Bore Thumpers did the head on my 03 crf 450 in 2009 before I worked there. 09 was a bit of a slow riding year but managed to put 60 or so hours on it, and in 2010 i converted it into a street legal monster. now with 300 miles on it and a few 91 mph runs on Big Bore Thumpers SS valves i am just now having to re adjust the valves. Its just hard to beat good work. Thanks a million Big Jay. I am ecstatic that these valves worked out as good as they do.
  2. jeffgoodtime

    Andrew Delgado Jrs APE Fast Times report

    Right on. good to see some new fast times.
  3. jeffgoodtime

    CRF 450R street legal?

    Baja designs kit and trail tech stator and flywheel.Moved from cali to co and when i got here i told them i want it street legal and i had to have a state trooper take a look at it and they gave me a plate. Would suggest doing steel intake valves in your motor. The revs will kill the head. stock bore with stock head and valve springs hit 91 mph in Denver. I was happy.
  4. jeffgoodtime

    2003 crf 450r enduro help part 2

    It has a baja designs light kit. and the battery is a sealed unit. no water.
  5. jeffgoodtime

    2003 crf 450r enduro help part 2

    Again with the Baja designs kit, and a trail tech 100w stator and heavy fly wheel. the battery on the baja designs kit is not charging in the p position, or wile riding the bike with the switch in any position. Do you think it could be a bad stator, or a bad voltage reg? The stator runs the bike very well, and flies in all rpm. Any ideas. Thanks Jeff
  6. jeffgoodtime

    2003 crf 450r enduro help

    So i got my 03 crf 450r street legal in the state of co. excited about that, but i am having issues with the Baja designs kit in it. I got the Baja designs kit from Bigborethumpers.com and the instructions from Baja Designs for the kill switch is killing me, or there kit is missing something for this year model. According to the directions the wires should match. they say it should be 2 wires, black and white, and blue and white. not on my stock wire harness. i have the black and white, and a black and green. on the the next problem. when i plug the black and white into the black and white on the kit, and the bike will run. but if i plug in the black and green to the blue and white form the kit the bike dies. like its a kill switch. leaving the black and white wire in and the kill switch that is a momentary switch does not do anything. Checking the continuity of the switch seems as if the switch is always open regardless if you pull the switch or not. Im confused:banghead: I know this is a bit to read, but thank you for doing so.
  7. hello everyone. I have an 03 crf 450 r that i just did the baja designs kit on. The kit does not explain the kill switch very good, or im a dumb ass and cant seem to get it rite. the factory kill switch leeds are black with white stripe, and black with green stripe. colors for baja are black and white stripe, and blue with white stripe. What goes ware and what gets grounded. o and the kill switch is a momentary switch. Thanks jeff buentiempo
  8. jeffgoodtime

    Rings for a CP Piston

    CP part # CP7800C.
  9. jeffgoodtime

    CRF Head

    Any head 2002-2008 will fit. But the 08 has smaller exhaust valves and port for increased port velocity. Making it a bit more snappy down low. Earlier heads flow better up top.
  10. jeffgoodtime

    Do you think the CRF450R could do it? Honestly!

    The bone stock CRF 450 would do it with 2 mods. BIG tank and stainless valves in the head. That combo, Bring it on.
  11. jeffgoodtime

    Check This Out

    Is this one of those 2 stroke 4 stroke combos? lol. There is a good chance the rod is bent from the quick stop the piston had, and your valves may have to be cut out of the head. If i were you i would part it and find a lesser of a project. And i think i would go back to the guy that sold this to you and kick him in the butt.
  12. jeffgoodtime


    I am really looking for an excel or something that will take some hits. any ideas?
  13. jeffgoodtime


    Anyone have a 18inch rim and spokes. I really want the smaller rim for bigger tire for rocky desert.
  14. jeffgoodtime

    04 CRF 450 R hard to start

    Have you checked your hot start lash?
  15. jeffgoodtime

    07 CRF450R - Valve Job

    As long as you don't need guides you will be ok cost wise.