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  1. 93yota

    Found the Key

    I agree i have one on my bike and it was a huuuuge difference, cornering is sweet u are lower and stick in ruts better, also when u come out of the rut its less holding on energy cause it keeps u right in the sattle. 100% must have
  2. 93yota

    WR450f or CRF450?

    CRF better all around bike. best handling!
  3. i know i posted this once but i am getting the bike tomarrow. Anyone know about them?
  4. 93yota

    My 02' Yz 250f Will Not Start?

    Valves, Get Them Adjusted, My Friend Just Had The Same Problem On His Honda
  5. 93yota

    how long before you race

    run 815 its more of a amatuar number. and the video is a good thing anything that can help
  6. 93yota

    The 250 X SUCKS!

    not to be an ass but if you take care of the crfs they with last just as long.
  7. 93yota

    how long before you race

    ya go for it, i have been riding for 2 years and just started racing. i love it. but dont get mad over one bad finish.
  8. nice thanks cause i want the bike and it ran really good. i just havent heard much about them.
  9. i am looking at getting a 04 crf250 and the motor has a new top end and valves by nickle racing. Anyone here anything good about them?or bad?