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  1. EXC 520 2002, any advice on e-starters for the older models. The e-start work only some times. If I hold the magic button the system will engage crank the motor some then disengage. If I hold the button for a little bit longer the motor will start craning again for a bet then disengage again. I found holding the decompression lever helps keep the starter engaged. Any words of advice would be appreciated. Photos would be more helpful. Thanks for any assistance you can provide regarding the matter. Todd 443.538.8633
  2. 2002 EXC 520. Is the adjustment the same in the RFS? If not, can anyone direct me to some instructions with photos. Thanks, Todd
  3. XG5766

    Michelin Bib Mousse

    443thumper, I am running an 18 inch rim in the rear. The the two tires I run are: 4.00x18 Michelin X-11 Competition Trials Tire (Tube Type) 140/80x18 IRC M5B Soft Terrain
  4. XG5766

    Chain problems :(

    Hope this makes sense without photos. I fully engage/seat the closed end of the master link clip. Then rotate the open end of the clip till it contacts the post. using a small screwdriver I lift one of the two legs of the open end over the master link post. I then apply a slight amount of pressure with pliers to compress the O/X rings allowing the open end of the clip to properly seat. Hope this helps,
  5. KTM EXC 520 2002, I just push the magic button (E-start). Not sure why there is a kick starter on bikes any more. For E-starting bikes (Husaberg, BMW...) the starts are even easier with electronic fuel injection (EFI). On the lighter side, I agree, that hot valves grow/extended which changes the engine running configuration (valve seating). Having valves adjusted and a magician tune your carburetor will eliminate kick starting issues. Having EFI and E-start will eliminate these types of threads. Enjoy the long weekend,
  6. XG5766

    Self-healing clutch.

    Scriberman, You nailed the correct answer. It took a while, but we finally found a kink in the crank case vent tube. Every thing works great now. Thanks again for your help,
  7. XG5766

    Michelin Bib Mousse

    I am 100% with you on not getting a flat Breaking down a Bib in 5 to 10 hours, you must be an animal. I have ridden beating my Bibs agent curbs, rocks, roots... and they still feel like rocks to me. I must be a sensitive rider. Any chance you are near Maryland, I would gladly pay for one of your abused Bibs. Heck, I would have ride my new Bibs just to beat the crap out of them. Thanks for you response,
  8. XG5766

    Michelin Bib Mousse

    One full tube of lube as directed during installation. I have ridden home many times on dead flats with out trouble. The rims did not care for the ride though. Thanks for input,
  9. XG5766

    Michelin Bib Mousse

    I considered the tube-less. Since I have a history of slicing tires open with rims and rocks, tube-less would still leave me in woods with a flat. As a side note, I have a gash in the front tire almost an inch long that is leaking Bib lubricant. During the first 100 miles of the NY Hancock Dual Sport one of the many rocks cut clear through the tire. If I had tube-less I would need to repair the tire hole. I am thinking I need to stay with a Bib type system or learn to love fixing flats. Thanks for the suggestion,
  10. XG5766

    Michelin Bib Mousse

    Just to be clear. The Bib is not getting harder. The Bib is staying just as stiff as when installed. Sorry for any confusion,
  11. Currently running the Michelin Bib Mousse (Bib) (over 200 miles) in both the front and rear tires: Font-Michelin S-12 XC Soft Terrain Tire Rear- Michelin X-11 Competition Trials Tire (Tube Type) At this point the Bib is still way too stiff. Any advise on how to get the Bib to soften up would be appreciated. Things I have tried so far: Driving on the road for an hour and a half Driving up curbs for over an hour Drive into every log, rut, rock, or root used a binding strap to compress the tire and Bib overnight I like a tire pressure of about 9 to 10 lbs in the front and 5 to 7 lbs in the rear. Please limit the response to breaking in the Bib. I have have a history of rim flats that have slice open tires and cut 4 gashes (double snake bites) in an inner-tube. Thanks taking the time to help me out. Todd
  12. XG5766

    I got the fever - Berg 390

    I spoke with the NJ dealer regarding the street legal issue and the 390. Regrettably the title reads for off road use only. Anyone heard different?
  13. XG5766

    Water in the oil

    I did not think water would go past the rings. I would have thought at best only minimal water could seep past them. Looks like I am doomed to have the same issues. Thanks for your assistance in this matter, Todd
  14. XG5766

    Water in the oil

    I did not think water would go past the rings. I would have thought at best only minimal water could seep past them. Looks like I am doomed to have the same issues. Thanks for your assistance in this matter, Todd