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  1. john smart

    crash video

    that dude likes to fall. poor bike.
  2. john smart


    What is AIS? I just started reading about the wr. I'm picking up an o3 wr 450 next week and need to get-r-tweaked. Any suggestions? It has a fmf pipe. I'm 46 and 5'7" so I think I'll need to shave some foam off the seat. Any companies making comfy short seats? Any other tricks to shrink height? Where are best websites to buy stuff for the wr?
  3. john smart

    Bike protection plates, what should I get??

    If they don't offer them for the wr , what bike do you order for?
  4. john smart

    Bike protection plates, what should I get??

    what did you do to your legs? Did you try to out jump robbie Knievel or what?
  5. john smart

    Florida Riding

    I never paid to ride growing up in the Ohio country. Plus I never had to load my bike in a truck to go riding. Only to the race track. So I'm spoiled but I still try to find what little dirt is left in South Forida to rip up before they pour concrete on it.
  6. john smart

    West Palm Beach Florida

    I'm in Boynton Beach also, dreaming of the trail riding back home in Ohio. I guess it's a south Florida law to cover all dirt with concrete.
  7. john smart

    2003 wr 450

    I just won a bid on a wr 450. It has a full fmf pipe, so I'm guessing it has been re-jetted. Other than that I think it is stock. I'll pick it up next week, then want to tweak it a bit. I'm not familiar with the bike- any suggestions from you wr freaks? I saw a mention of a grey wire- whassup with that? Also something about a throttle limiter. If there's a limiter, its gotta go.
  8. john smart

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    curious why you didn't go with the 510?
  9. john smart

    Arrow Exhaust for '06 TEs and TCs.

    What does te and tc stand for anyway-anybody know?
  10. john smart

    good trails anywere near Hickory?

    You didn't like the wr?
  11. john smart

    Prefered Factory Dual Sport

    I've had the honda and klr-- both dogs!! The xr 650 r is cool uncorked but tricky to get titled and plated where I live. (florida). I got a ktm lc4 dual sport- it runs and handles like a jet fighter compared to the klr. It also has 49 h.p. where the klr has 34. However, if your going to tour the world, the klr is more comfy and might evenbe more reliable or reasonable to fix on the road. I still don't like the weight of the ktm 325 lbs. or the other 600 & up cc's so am checking into the 450's and possibly the 510 husky or 525 ktm which are almost 100 lbs. lighter.
  12. john smart

    06 Husqvarna TE450 or a KTM EXC450?

    I'm wondering why not go to the 510 since it is only one pound heavier. Is the longer stroke not as responsive to tight riding?
  13. john smart

    06 Husqvarna TE450 or a KTM EXC450?

    I was thinking of the te450 cause the 610 is about 100 lb. heavier but Saw the 510 which is only one pound heavier. Any one have experience with the 450 and the 510 can tell me any advantage of the 450.?
  14. john smart

    New te 450

    what about the 510? It probably has more horsepower and only 10 pounds heavier.
  15. john smart

    New te 450

    I'm looking at a 2005 te 450 on e-bay. It's up to $4000 now. It only has 1300 miles and looks sweet. Does anyone know the H.P. of this thing? The guy say it is street legal but there is only a headlight -no tail light. He says the begining of 2005 were street lega, but the end of the year were changed to off-road use only. Who knows what.?