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  1. 04scrf250

    Suggestions building top end..

    Check this site it helped me a lot http://dirtrider.com/tech/141_0409_crf250_rebuild/
  2. 04scrf250

    crf50- more power for kids?

    To remove the choke do I just grab it with a set of pliers and pull it out? I would assume that once you do this mod you can't undo it if you don't like it. Also when increasing the airflow that much I would assume that I will need to rejet. I cant find replacement jets for the stock carb anywhere. I'm looking for a 60 and a 62 main. I posted about this once before and someone said to check ministothemax.com. Maybe I'm just stupid but I couldn't find them there either. I called two brothers and they don't have them either. Any help appreciated, Thanks!
  3. I'm doing airbox and exhsust mods to my son's crf 50. Can't seem to find larger main jets (60 and 62). Dealer says can only get 58 which is stock. Any ideas? Also looking to get clamp on type stand alone air filter- not with the bike right now, anyone out there know the outside diameter of intake for stock carb/inside diameter for filter so I can order online. Suggestions on brands and where to find them appreciated from you guys in the know. Thanks, Steve
  4. 04scrf250

    rejetted strange sound

    Thanks guys. As well as it is running I couldn't imagine that it was a serious problem. I'll try the throttle slack thing. Appreciate the help
  5. 04scrf250

    crf50- more power for kids?

    I had never heard of this one, I'll try it. Thanks
  6. 04scrf250

    rejetted strange sound

    Sorry I must have had a happy finger and hit an extra 1. It was a 17.5 pilot not a 117.5. I edited my original post. Thanks
  7. 04scrf250

    crf50- more power for kids?

    If the choke is removed how do you get the thing started? My son's flat doesn't want to start without it.
  8. I cut the top out of the airbox on my wife's '06 ttr 125 and rejetted it. I put in a 17.5 pilot and a 110 main. The results were pretty impressive. I went from not being able to get the front wheel off the ground if I wanted to to being able to pull power wheelies in 1st and 2nd at 185#.. The question- I now notice a high pitched ringing sound at idle. It doesn't sound bad per say I just never noticed it before the mod. When under a load I dont notice the sound- sounds similar to my crf 250r just not nearly so loud. Could this be pinging (too lean)? Or is it normal? No backfiring noted at any speed or during engine braking. Good acceleration full range no stumbling or bog noted- pre mod was terrible. Fuel screw out 2 turns, bike dies at just under 1 turn and idle gets worse at about 2 1/2 turns. Tuned at house (600' asl), usually ride at 1,000 and go up. Any thoughts appreciated!
  9. 04scrf250

    ttr 125 exhaust/baffle question

    I guess I spoke too soon. I see that Yami 356 is a ripe old 16. This explains a lot. At that age I knew everything too. Funny that as we get older we realize just how much we don't know. Cheers
  10. 04scrf250

    ttr 125 exhaust/baffle question

    Amen to that dirtyriders 110! I second your reply just without the profanity. I've noticed that Yamaha 356 likes to bash TTnewbies on a regular basis over the forbidden post of something he has seen before. Apparently he was born an expert and was never new to the game. If I saw a TTgold member throw a post like this I would think it odd. Yami 356 how bout you try to help a new brother out instead of being a jerk. I'm sure that by the time he's been here a while he will be better at searches. This is a great site for people who are learning like myself. I came to TT after only riding for two months and was able to get enough info here to feel confident doing my first rebuild. It seems that most of the people here are eager to help. I'm wondering what your reasons for chatting are, but I don't think helping is one of them. At least not helping a newbie. Might I suggest turning the other cheek when a new guy hits you across the face with something that is an obvious waste of your time. Maybe try the next thread button or if you have an uncontrollable urge to be heard why not just state "do a search of......." and move along? Sarcasm is seldom appreciated. Sorry to carry on here but I've been seeing a lot of this and 356 is certainly not the only one. I'm new here and not afraid to say so and I really appreciate all the help I've received. I'm even more glad that I've been able to help some other TT'ers out. I just hope that when I'm a crusty old vet my attitude doesn't change.
  11. 04scrf250

    New way to install grips w/o glue

    Thst is what I thought you must be talking about. I just figured that there would be a nasty snagging wire end left. Thanks for the info!
  12. 04scrf250

    crf50- more power for kids?

    Thanks for the info guys. That minis to the max site has some great info and links!
  13. 04scrf250

    New way to install grips w/o glue

    How are you guys safety wiring your grips? Pics? I have always just glued and now I run bark busters and if they do slip they won't come off. Thanks
  14. 04scrf250

    ruts and tree roots grrrrrrrr..

    I'm sure this is just common sense but I didn't see it here. Yes you must have some momentum but when possible square yourself to the root. The closer to a 90 degree angle you can hit it the less it will mess with you especially if you can lift your front wheel over instead of bouncing it over.
  15. 04scrf250

    Fanny Pak's

    I have a MSR medium sized fanny pack that I love. It fits all the tools to pretty much tear down my bike plus extras. I use a 70 oz. camelbck for hydration and for my air pump. As long as I keep the straps on the camelbck snug it doesn't noticeably touch the fanny pack.