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  1. it aint fast without mixed gas....
  2. ive seen some guys at the track that talk smack about quads....generally they are the slow arse ones that dont know how to ride. complaining about the track conditons etc...its a shame we cant put the quads to good use and run the slow ones over...shut that mouth b!tches......
  3. oldskoolex400

    yz250 trans oil

    on the rotella 15w40, i hear it is good stuff, i run it in my diesel truck and have asked several people that run it in their yfz450's(quad) and they say it has done good for them. i dunno though, im running yamalube 20-40 in the yfz and the yz now. thanks
  4. oldskoolex400

    yz250 trans oil

    oh yea, just got the bike a week or so ago, how much oil does a 96 yz250 hold?
  5. oldskoolex400

    yz250 trans oil

    hey guys, ive got a yz250 and a local dealer told me that i could run 20w-40 yamalube in the tranny, the same thing that i run in my yfz450 i am curious if he is right about this or not. thanks for your input