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  1. I believe its all in Stewie's head. This past weekend he was turning the same lap times as Villopoto and he was coming through the pack. This has been the case for the past 3 races. He is fast, but wreckes doing something small (front end wash in a berm), Chad Reed commented on Stewart and Millsapps going 1-2 in the Heat at Atlanta saying you don't get a bike and rider that performs much better.
  2. Matthes has some bitterness towards Yamaha, just listen to his pulp show but it's his opinion. Editors and pro riders really shouldn't effect bike choice. Before I bought my 2010 yz 450 I rode a the Yamaha, Honda and kawi. I didn't like the kawi that much but liked the Honda and Yamaha alot. I decided to get the bike that was the better deal and due to rebates the YZ came home with me. Since buying my yz I've heard all the negative talk but the only thing that matters to me is the first time out a few of my friends (some of which are faster than me) told me I was alot faster on my new yz. I was on the 06 yz 450 with suspension, so the fact that I'm faster on the 10 is the only thing that matters. Whatever feels best for you.
  3. I install alot of graphics and unless you used a heat gun or blow dryer those edges won't stick down... In the house or not. The heat helps the material contour to the curves.
  4. Use an exacto and trim it off. That what your new plastic doesn't get messed up with whatever glue you use. It probably just didn't have enough heat on it before installation. Heat helps activate the adhesive as well and softens the material to conform. Mostly this is due to the cold you mentioned
  5. magiksc

    2012 yz450 shrouds

    The UFO ones do.
  6. My 2010... crappy cell pic The day I brought it home Currently
  7. magiksc

    Project Sumo X (2010 WR250X full mod with Pics)

    Looks good all white. I loved my X!
  8. magiksc

    What did you do to your WR today?

    WR 250 X taking the high road home from Black Bear Pass in Colorado... Slicks and snow are rough.
  9. magiksc

    2010 - cycra shrouds

    I'll get some in with my next shipment from them and make templates. I'm currently running UFO on my 2010 but would like to try the shrouds out. Can you guys post a pic of the gap you are referring to? Thanks
  10. magiksc

    iphone 4 charger on YZ450

    I'm running this 12v socket from Rocky Mtn. ATV on my WR model. Installed in 15min and charges my phone and my Go Pro when I'm out on long rides. Just connects to your battery.. if you have one http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&navTitle=Electrical&webCatId=20&webTypeId=217&prodFamilyId=29286&brandId=294
  11. magiksc

    2011 YZ 450 street legal?

    You just made my day! This helps out tons!
  12. magiksc

    Stewarts bike traction control?

    It seems multiple teams are running these systems this year from GET. Noticed it on Reed's Honda too. I can only imagine what bada$$ stuff the JGR bikes have. I have watched the video on Transworld of Bratyon's YZ and it is freakin' amazing! If you haven't seen it take a look. Its worth it: http://motocross.transworld.net/1000106704/videos/behind-bars-juston-braytons-muscle-milkjgr-yamaha-yz450f/
  13. magiksc

    JS7's YZ450F setup

    Apparently its working for him... for the most part.
  14. magiksc

    Advices for my CRF 250 R 2005?

    I really like the looks of the Honda's with all red plastics. So maybe just some red side number panels and red cycra stadium from plate. Here is a side shot of my friends bike with fresh plastics.
  15. magiksc


    email pics to tyler@magiksc.com, I'm interested