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  1. granturismo46

    XR250: Tick..Tick...Tick...Tick...Tick!

    I had a top end rebuild done including a new timing chain, since then it has had a tick I did'nt notice before. It may have ticked begore but not as loud as it has with the new timing chain. My mechanic said that is how they sound when new. It sounded like a bit of bullshit to me but I dont really know any better. Thats my 2 cents worth anyway.
  2. granturismo46

    are xr250r's good enduros??

    Got a 99 xr250 with tags. no probs overheating from mine. Ive had a DR TT and now the XR and for me the XR is definitly the pick of the bunch. Reason being weight and performance!
  3. granturismo46

    A word of warning...

    I ended up with a drowned xr250 last weekend and had to push it about 5k home uphill most of the way! Luckily I had my hydro pack with me but ended up with a few blisters from walking in riding boots (old rossi's). No where near as extreme as your encounter but I jsut kept remembering to remain calm and have a rest every now and then. The bastard still wont start, anyway thats another story. Glad you posted this so other riders dont have to learn the hard way.
  4. granturismo46

    Drowned XR wont start

    Thanks for all the replies, it seems to have low compression. Although it was low before, it usually comes back after adjusted valve clearance but that has not fixed it. Its beyond my capabilities and confidence to try and fix and I'm starting to get a limp from the muscle growth in my right leg so I'm going to bite the bullet and take it to my local rip off, I mean honda shop. I will post the diagnosis when I get around to taking it in. Thanks again.
  5. granturismo46

    Drowned XR wont start

    On the weekend, I droped my 99 xr250 in the drink. Ive done everything I could find in this forum to get it started but still wont start. So far I have changed spark plug, oil, drained float bowl, checked air filter and even took the pipe off to get all the water out. with the plug out, kicked it over till no more water came out. It has spark and fuel and was puring like a kitten before I gave it a drink. If anyone can stop laughing long enough to let me know what else to do, that would be much appreciated.
  6. granturismo46

    XR250 or XR400?

    The major difference that stands out for me is hill climbing. I dont know if its just my bike (or me) but compared to a 400, Im left for dead climbing hills and the steeper it is the more noticeable it becomes. Although I do catch up in the tight twisty stuff Let us know what you ended up getting when you do.