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  1. cwalkin

    500exc dirt in air box ....

    I’ve tried various oils, motorex, maxima and no toil all by submerging the filter and not cans
  2. cwalkin

    500exc dirt in air box ....

    I’ve tried motorex,maxima and no toil oils. All by dunking filter into oil and not spray cans.
  3. cwalkin

    500exc dirt in air box ....

    Sorry, I should have noted that I just had that filter sitting on there with no oil on it lol. Trying to see if I’m mounting it wrong
  4. Hey guys, 16 ktm 500 exc. has 45 hours on it and since new I’ve always found dust in the air boot , not a lot but when I wipe my finger in bottom of air boot I can feel the grit. I find that there is a bit of oil that collect in bottom of airboot form engine breather and this is were I find the grit . I have tried another oem filter , funnel web and a no toil filter. Tried various filter oils and I can’t seem to figure it out. If I take the engine breather hose off there is no dirt in the hose and also checked air boot in dark with a torch and unable to find anything. Can the subframe flex that much to allow in? No dirt on lips of filter to indicate were it’s coming from. Any help appreciated.
  5. cwalkin

    KLX 450R Valve Clearances

    Take spark plug out and check the timing marks on left side of motor . May be out 360
  6. Hi guys, Just looking for some comments on the Motorex bio air filter oil. I purchased some for my ktm and oiled the filter and noticed there's no stringy tackiness to it like normal air filter oil. I can't bring myself to use the oil. Is it normal to not be stringy/tacky for the bio oil. Anybody used this before? Dan
  7. cwalkin

    Oil type

    I dont get it either. I use penrith oil and they have told me either the 10w-40 or 15w-50 will do. The manual shows 10w-40 up to 40 degreed. Lucky to get to 36 degrees up here but the humidity is high. I would use a gearbox oil like the Motul as its a better oil and designed just for gearboxes.
  8. cwalkin

    Oil type

    I live in North Qld and use a 15w-50 in the 4 strokes and just Mogul expert gearbox oil in the 2 strokes. I wanted to use a 10w-40 like the manual in the 4 strokes but due to warmer climate everyone here runs heavier.
  9. cwalkin

    Oil change without removing header

    Hey guys. Recently I just purchased my '13 klx450r. Was annoyed at the thought of having to remove the header pipe to access the oil filter. Today I decided to do an oil change. Had a hard time getting the header off at the muffler joint. I noticed that the top bolt had been removed and replaced with a nut and threaded rod on the oil filter cover. This enables only loosening header nuts and clamps and just spinning up the header a bit and complete access to oil filter. Thought I would share this .
  10. cwalkin

    Power loss or bogging?

    I've order the kit today so will see how it goes. Also need to get new front and rear sprockets as I notice it has a 14front and 47rear. Wondered why I was always having to change gears often
  11. cwalkin

    Is this a suitable battery tender?

    Hi guys. Just wondering if this is a suitable battery charger/tender as I've noticed a few mentions of using one while parked up. Cheer Dan
  12. cwalkin

    Power loss or bogging?

    Hey guys.. Thanks for the replies. I'll order a jd jetting kit this weekend. I brought the bike 2nd hand am not really sure on what has been changed from stock. Does anyone have a picture of the changed banjo bolt on the rear caliper? I got a box of the original spares and looks like 2 sets of engine gaskets. I did find new exhaust gaskets in box and found no gasket at head. What effect would this have on the bike? Dan
  13. cwalkin

    Power loss or bogging?

    I don't think the Australian ones have the ais. Stock exhaust and muffler. And the snorkel has been removed from air box
  14. cwalkin

    Power loss or bogging?

    Hey thanks for the reply. That was fast.. So must be jetting.
  15. cwalkin

    Power loss or bogging?

    Hey guys. Been a member for years and never created a topic! Here goes. I've just bought a 2013 klx450r oz model. It has air box snorkel removed and as far as the dealer told me it has stock jetting. I'm not real sure on what's going on but if it's idling and I snap the throttle it will stall. If I'm riding along at say at road pace and I snap the throttle wide open it bogs down for a short second and then accelerates like nothing wrong but can roll the throttle on fast and it won't do it. I have been reading a lot trying to find if people have same problem but can't find a answer for me to follow. I'm thinking of buying a jd jet kits but unsure if this will fix the issue, any ideas on what I should do? Would dropping the clip down on the needle help this ? As I think it's the transition into main jet from pilot jet that's the issue. Thanks in advance Dan