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  1. I bought a Pro Taper Contour bar and I can't get m Acerbis Rally Pro handguards to work. About an inch and a half inside the bar there is a raised lip. The part of the hand guards that slips into the handle bar hits this and the guards won't sit flush with the grip. Has anybody had this problem. I guess I could cut the piece that goes inside the bar. Anybody else had this problem. Thanks
  2. Bean39t

    KLX cams

    Do you guys know what you would have to do to get KLX cams to work in the KX. Cam timing, valve adjustment etc... Thanks
  3. Bean39t

    Soft Seat

    Thanks theroman22, I'll check it out.
  4. Bean39t

    Soft Seat

    Do any of you guys know if any body make's a softer seat for a 06 KX450. I asked SDG and they said no, just mostly for KTM's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Bean39t

    Single Track in East Tennessee

    Does anybody know of any single track trails around Knoxville. If anybody has any ifo that would be great.
  6. Bean39t

    Single track in East Tennessee

  7. Bean39t

    Single track in East Tennessee

    Does anybody know where in Coal Creek the single track trails are. Maybe the trail numbers or something. I have rode there a dozen time and have never seen them. Do you start somewhere other than the main parking lot in Oliver Springs. I have a friend that rode either a SETRA or SERA Enduro I can't remember so I know they have them. He said they started out of Lake City but he can't remember how to get back to where they started. Any help would be awesome. I used to kinda be fun up there but now way to many trucks and fourwheelers are all over the place.
  8. Bean39t

    Valve Shims

    I think I saw this on here before so it might be a stupid question. Do the Hotcams 9.48mm shim kits work for this bike. I think I read that they work for all the 450's but I just want to be sure. Thanks
  9. Bean39t

    Flywheel Weight

  10. Bean39t

    Tight turns in single track

    Thanks for all the help guys. (at best a brake slide will only get you through 90 degrees before you need to apply an additional action to continue the turn) Like meatbomb said that happens to me alot. I will go sliding into the turn at a pretty good clip, and just kind of lose momentum half way through the turn. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. But I do have to say it is a blast
  11. Bean39t

    Tight turns in single track

    Yeah thats what I am talking about. It makes sense to not use the brakes up hill but either way I still mess up. I guess seat time is probally the best answer.
  12. I have a question about riding single track. I have not done all the much real single track riding(the stuff I thought was tight does not touch the stuff I am practicing on now). Okay say you are going down the trail and you come to a turn, there is a tree on the inside left and two trees on the right on the outside of the turn, and when you finish the turn your going 180 degrees the other way. I was putting my leg out and fumbling through the turn. Then somebody said don't use your leg unless you have too. He said hug the tank,slam on the rear brake, slide into the turn and use your body positioning to get around the turn. Ok that started to work pretty good for me but some of the times I would be coming into a turn working the front and rear brake and I would kinda stop short in the middle of the turn, if that makes any sense. I don't know if I am not carrying enough speed into the turn or I am not getting my body right. One more question. On flat and down hill sections I have got to were I feel pretty comfortable sliding and dicing through the trees. It is when I go through a up hill section that is tight were I start to have troubles again. I don't know if I should use the engine and gravity to slow me for this or use hard braking. Both really never seem to work that great for. Well I hope this all makes sense to any of you guys
  13. Bean39t

    Windrock Sat 7/15/06?

    Well I am going to figure it out. When I get directions I will tell you where the good trails are
  14. Bean39t

    Flywheel Weight

    This question has been asked before but by now there has to be a flywheel weight for this bike. I have looked at Steahly, SFB, Electrosport. Thanks
  15. Bean39t

    Windrock Sat 7/15/06?

    I can't go and anyways you might have to wait on me but I have a question. Back in 2002 I think SETRA had an enduro at windrock. I didn't make the race but everybody I know that did said it was alot of good single track and you got there by going up through Lake City. I was wondering if you know how to go this way. They don't remember how to get there and the only way I know to go is to go to Oliver Springs to the big parking lot with all the quads and rock trucks. I have found some fun trails there but not any that a four wheeler could not go down or any real single track. Thanks Brother