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  1. RL225

    Las Vegas riding?

    Check out http://mxtrackguide.com to find some places to ride.
  2. RL225

    MX track near Macon

    I would check out http://mxtrackguide.com to find some places to ride. I always check it out when I am trying to find somewhere new.
  3. Thanks. That's exactly what I wanted to know.
  4. Hi. I was getting ready to rebuild my rear shock and was wondering what would happen if you left any air bubbles in the shock when trying to bleed it out. What effects would this have on the shock when you rode with it?
  5. I was wondering if I could replace just the oil on my 08 RMZ 450 without changing out the seals. If so, do I have to take the whole fork apart or can I just take off the top cap and dump the oil and then replace it. Are there any videos out there of just oil changes or always a full seal change.
  6. Thinking about heading over to CT Motocross Saturday 7/3 and was wondering if anyone has been there recently? How the track has been looking? Haven't been since last summer and hoping it is going to be good. Anyone else headed over there this weekend?
  7. RL225

    AK OP Roll call

    Anyone know how the track is looking for tomorrow? Also what time does practice start?
  8. RL225

    WaldenMX 3-27 Open Practice

    I didn't get the chance to make it down today but was wondering how the first practice went? Any mud? Planning on going to AK tomorrow if the weather is good.
  9. Just wondering if anyone was planning on heading to the walden Open practice tomorrow??
  10. RL225


    Where can I get some more information about the July 15th OP at Southwick?
  11. RL225

    Conn. River Motocross

    Does anyone know if they have changed the track around at all since the beginning of the year? I went a couple times earlier this year but I was kinda hoping they changed the layout a little before I headed back down.
  12. RL225

    EBMX update

    I would agree with this for the most part. Today was my first time in about 2 years going there due to the lack of maintenance, but this was the best I have ever seen the tracks, even this early in the year. The upper track was in good condition as long as you don't mind riding it whooped out, but it wasn't all washed out. The lower track I thought was in very good condition except for the dust getting thicker throughout the day. I definitely like the new layout a lot better along with the new jumps. I went to CT Motocross last saturday and I would say that EBMX was actually in much better condition. If he could keep the track up like this all season I would probably go there at least once a month, but of course only time will tell.
  13. RL225

    EBMX update

    I haven't been there in about two years, but after hearing the ride report I think I might go try it out this weekend. What day is everyone going to be riding there?
  14. RL225

    08 Exhaust

    I have a FMF Ti-Powercore and powerbomb header I might be selling to get a different FMF exhaust. If you are interested at all, let me know, it only has about 5 hours on it.
  15. RL225

    Power Commander III + TI4-R Review RMZ450

    The recommended mounting for this unit is about the worst I have ever seen. Anywhere you try to mount it in the front, it gets in the way of the forks. I ended up mounting my PCIII on my bars under the bar pad. You can't even tell it is on the bike plus it is secure and safe.