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  1. willnevergrowup

    Fix it or Part it out?? And a 610 question

    I'll give you a good price on a XR650R! I was really hoping to take that thing for a spin at Wabeno....hurry up and get it fixed.
  2. willnevergrowup

    Baja Designs, an experience!

    +1! I couldn't agree with you more if I would of typed it myself.
  3. willnevergrowup

    Help tall newbie.....

    Affording not so much the problem...the beating I would recieve would be the issue. Last winters projects took up a lot of my toy money. I have a 1970 Blazer and built a teardrop camper toy hauler. The last one is hard to explain.
  4. willnevergrowup

    Help tall newbie.....

    This is my next winter project.
  5. willnevergrowup

    Help tall newbie.....

    These are the risers I used and just any cr high bar will work. I didn't have to change the cables for this set up. I ride a XRR not positive about the XRL. http://www.dirtbikepro.com/site/582464/product/630-5498219 They come standard and for the fat bars.
  6. willnevergrowup

    Help tall newbie.....

    Handle bar risers and CR High bend bars. I am 6'5" and was having the same problem until I did this. Easier than going to the gym!
  7. willnevergrowup

    Water crossing ? with a XR650R

    I will go check that right now.
  8. willnevergrowup

    Water crossing ? with a XR650R

    For sure not up to the air box...water was foot peg height at best. That is why I am puzzled. Right after I got out of the water a couple of times I would turn the bike off to get a couple of pictures of people coming behind me and jump back on and fire the first kick. I did check all the stator stuff and all looks good there. That is why I was wondering if elevation had a effect...hot bike...cold stream...I don't know none of it makes sense. Come on guys keep them coming!!!
  9. willnevergrowup

    Water crossing ? with a XR650R

    Afternoon Everyone! Here's the deal...I live in Wisconsin (sea levelish) and done a lot of water crossing without a hitch. I went to Montana (4000+) to visit my dad and was doing some riding. I noticed a little power drop but not much. The problem was doing a water crossing...about half way across the water she sputtered a little bit and this is the first time this has happened...considering the fact that I wasn't expecting it and I was standing at the time I almost ran myself over. As soon as I was out of the water all was back to normal. She would still would start on one kick and run smooth. This happened at almost every substantial water crossing. I guess my ? is has this happened to anyone before? Have a ride this weekend and it has been raining everyday and expecting a lot of water...would like to resolve before I run myself over and drowned. Could it be a elevation thing? Thanks in advance!
  10. willnevergrowup

    Brand new 650R what & when?

    Where are you at in Wisconsin? If you want to ride mine before hand let me know. Mine is a 2003 uncorked with the stock carb. I would put the money elsewhere before carb. Mine starts on the 2nd kick cold and 1st warm now that is jetting correctly. Even if I and when I lay her down for a quick nap...I just hold the decomp down for a couple of kicks...wait for a burp...then kick and go. Let us know if you get it and lets go riding. We would just have to figure out how to plate it. Mine is one of three in the state that is plated that I know of.
  11. willnevergrowup

    Handlebar adaptors?

    I just got a set of these. Haven't put them on yet...that is this weekends project. http://www.dirtbikepro.com/site/582464/product/154-5498200 Have a Happy Easter!
  12. willnevergrowup

    2005 XR650R Suspension

    I am doing the same as abby and already have my Eibach springs and revalve later if needed. Here is a link for some used ones. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=200647 Hope this helps! Elmer
  13. willnevergrowup

    K&N Airfilter XR650r

    Okay...I did a google search for this particular air filter and came up with a wide variety of pricing...this one being the best http://www.btosports.com/p/TWINPOWER Does that sound right and is that the whole thing? Just curious because I seen prices as high as $200. Thanks for any help!
  14. willnevergrowup

    Sorry guys

    Must not be much of a life if you are spending your time starting this thread! By the way when someday comes around I am busy! Happy Holiday!
  15. willnevergrowup

    Barnums Pro Dual Exhaust Xr650r

    You know Mr. Burke if you didn't fall so much you wouldn't have the problem with the side covers!!! Elmer out