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  1. jgalt1

    Does anyone have a...

    stock black SM tank that they want to part with?
  2. jgalt1

    Clear t.s. lens?????? drz

    Go to the dealer, and order 06 drz 400 sm blinker lens.
  3. jgalt1

    Will an Aprila Be Too Much?

    I would think that both of those bikes are going to be animals, if riden hard. I usually don't worry about older guys getting a bike with more horsepower than their experience calls for, just 18 year old with an over-abundant supply of testosterone. If you respect it and take your time getting used to it, you will be fine on either.
  4. jgalt1

    drz400SM rear sag?

    80-85mm for street/go kart track use. 85mm is working perfectly for me!
  5. jgalt1

    Do I have a restrictor in my Yosh pipe?

    Isn't that the spark arrester?
  6. jgalt1

    Do I have a restrictor in my Yosh pipe?

    It's a plate with about 1 1/2 inch diameter hole, and an inverted exhaust tip looking deal on it. It would have been around the spark arestor.
  7. jgalt1

    License Plate Breaking

    Same problem. Happens because it is flapping. I drilled a hole in the middle at the other end and put a small bolt there. No more problems.
  8. jgalt1

    Blue or Red

    Well I have ben a happy owner of a DRZ-400 SM for a year or so now, but I am getting tired of a "good do it all bike" Time to get serious. I want a bike to MX and ride Motard on my local go kart track.(read: will probably end up traveling across the southeast racing) I would love to get a YZ250, but 2 strokes don't make good motards, or so I have read. After alot of thinking, I have narrowed it down to the YZF450 or the CRF 450. Which would you choose and why?
  9. jgalt1

    New Aprilia is in!

    Such a beautiful bike.
  10. jgalt1

    Wife wants a street bike

    What part of florida? I am in Miramar. I ride with a small group, and we let each other ride our bikes from time to time. If you are in south Florida, I might be coerced into let her test the SM.
  11. jgalt1

    How to adjust Sag on front suspension?

    Thank you. I feel dumb. It finally dawned on me that noone talks about about front end sag numbers because there is no preload adjustment. Without a preload adjuster, you just have to get the correct springs. From everything I have read I am guessing that I should be lookin at about 55mm of rider sag up front. I am a light rider, so even with stock springs, I only have 44mm. Springs too stiff. I could still be way off here. Good news is that the stock rear spring set to 85mm (30mm of static sag)for SM application is perfect for my weight. My very limited suspension experience come from sportbikes. Thanks again Mallard, your info helped.
  12. jgalt1

    How to adjust Sag on front suspension?

    The question was about front sag? I have an SM and have searched in vain for any baseline numbers for setting sag on the front end?
  13. jgalt1

    Advice needed

    Sounds like your missing 3-4k from your bank account. JK Did you get a jet kit?
  14. jgalt1

    Hardrock Tomorrow 9/16 and a QUESTION

    What is Hard rock? Where?
  15. jgalt1

    ASV Lever Question

    I have ASVs on my SM. Just cut the brake actuator tab off your stock lever and have a local shop weld it in place. Make sure to disassemble AVS before weldin because the heat will melt the internals. As far the clutch thing goes, just disable it. I do this on everyone of my bikes.