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  1. This is our first time there. We are staying at one of the cabins. Browning Fork Trail Lodge, near Gilbert.
  2. MeefZah

    Street Legalizing a Bike in Ohio

    I realize this is a few months old so maybe the OP already got his thing figured out, but I was running errands in town anyway, so I thought I'd get a form to post. This (incredibly) is the state standard form. Fill it out, but don't sign it. Take it to the clerk of courts, they will have you swear to it and sign it in front of them.
  3. MeefZah

    Street Legalizing a Bike in Ohio

    Exactly this. Done it 3, 4 times now. You are dealing with two different entities: clerk of courts title office, and the BMV. Take your Ohio offroad title to the title office and get a "Change of Body" form. Complete this form, which essentially is an affidavit stating that you have installed all required equipment - 2 level HL, tail / brake light, mirror, horn, speedometer. Note that DOT tires are not required - Ohio only has a tread depth requirement, so you can actually run pure knobs. You swear to the affidavit in front of the clerk of courts, they take your old title and issue a new street title. You then take that to the BMV for plate issuance. Don't forget insurance, if the bike bears a plate it will need minimum coverage insurance. If you don't insure it as a street bike and the BMV sends out a random query, the registered owner's license gets suspended. At no point in this process does the State Patrol or salvage inspections get involved.
  4. If you look at various reviews, Rockhouse seems to have to most miles of single track. Can't quantify if all of it is the 'best' or not, although Rockhouse trail 199 (Google that) is pretty renowned as the best single trail in the entire system. We are going in early June.
  5. MeefZah

    Bullet Proof Designs Radiator Guard

    I have one, and it is a nice product, but I question how well it will protect in a crash. A tipover, possibly pretty well; but an actual crash, it looks like it would fold back in a second. I'd rather have a Unabiker style one, and might switch if / when Unabiker makes one. No overheating problems, but my fan does run a lot...
  6. MeefZah

    Clarke Tank leaking from petcock mount

    If this is just seepage and not a true leak, remove the petcock, clean the gasket and all surfaces it touches, and reinstall the gasket and petcock. Alternate tightening the screws, tightening each one a little before tightening the other one. They need to be just a bit past snug, don't crank them down. This may solve the problem.
  7. MeefZah

    stock rear tires

    In dry conditions they are fine. The front may wash out depending on riding style and terrain. You'd be well served replacing at least the front with a knobby.
  8. MeefZah

    Best GPS for trail riding

    The Garmin 60 series seems to be really popular. I use the Garmin ETrex Venture CX. Both are handheld units which mean they are a bit smaller than the normal automotive-style GPS (a good thing for off road), waterproof, with upgradeable memory via micro SD cards and the ability to interface with computer mapping programs. They can run on AA batteries or 12VDC power. I've been really happy wth mine. I got the CityNav software on a 2G SD card and can fit every road and goat trail in America on it. For trail riding, Topo software is available, though I've never used it.
  9. MeefZah

    WR 250R Tail light assembly replacement

    Yeah, they are all the same.
  10. MeefZah

    WR250X shakes/chugs during hard accel

    I hear new chain and sprockets cure this, by replacing the stupid rubber bumpers on the OEM sprockets. This allows you to run the chain more loosely, where it should be. Anyone confirm?
  11. MeefZah

    New '09 Tenere in Chile

    Frickin' sweet!
  12. MeefZah

    WR250R Front fork covers

    Thanks sandman. I just ordered a set, $12 ea. Nice. The brake line mount on yours is different from mine, can you explain what component that is or how to make it? The pictures aren't that clear and I don't have the new fork protectors in front of me to assess them. Gracias!
  13. MeefZah

    Any word on shifters yet?

    Damn it, I just got today my replacement OEM lever. I would like to see pics, though. Subscribed!