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    Heres the reply i got by e mail .The Switchblade (www.2moto.net) will not be available until late Jan or early Feb 2007 I understand the kit will exceed 3K in cost but I do not know the actual cost until we get it in. Reno Tracks will have it's Grand Opening In Feb here in Reno. Watch the RGJ for the date. We will have Demo's, Sales, Instruction, and Rentals available. We will also handle Track conversions for ATV's , Trucks and SUV's (www,mattracks.com) and even track conversions for Bicycles (www.ktrakcycle.com) Keep in touch and thank you for your interest! Hoss
  2. White7


    Might be old news but i just saw it,,I dont know ,could be cool,maybe,I think:excuseme: http://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/249637929.html
  3. Its just the cam,my TRX and CRF (same motor )were both noticably louder(tickier) and is common,Mine run S2 hot cams
  4. White7

    check out this crf forum????????

    LOL ,wasn't expecting to see that:crazy:
  5. White7

    valve adjusting

    Piece of cake,If you have the slightest amount mechanical ability,you wont have a prob, just take your time
  6. White7

    Carey Hart graphics

    I like these also,, but nothing for the 02:censored: http://www.sikspak.com/stickerkits.html
  7. White7

    Carey Hart graphics

    Me too,, but i cant find em for an '02:excuseme:
  8. White7

    Carey Hart graphics

    Thinking of maybe getting these,anybody have a set,what do you think PICS??? anybody know of any other cool graphics for black plastics ?? My bike is an 02' http://www.factoryeffex.com/store/ProductInfo.aspx?productID=09-07324
  9. White7

    Newbie here, Rear shock question

    Spokes are fine, Does anybody have a recommendation of where to send the shock for service??
  10. White7

    Newbie here, Rear shock question

    Thanks for the tips and info,,,I'm gonna like it here
  11. Just picked up an 02 450r,my rear shock feels wierd, ,if i sit on it and bounce down it feels just like pre load only no dampining and when the shock comes back to the extended position theres a thunk So its like bounce,thunk,bounce,thunk before i start turning adjusting screws,i have a screw on the ressie and one on the botton,,Is clockwise on the screw hard or soft hard or soft ?
  12. White7

    TRX 450 airbox

    Its also $75 compared to a $8 outerwear
  13. White7

    Black rubber hose in air box, 05 TRX

    get a small filter from the auto store,they run about $5 look in the little chrome preformance section
  14. White7

    TRX 450 airbox

    Cut the lid like the HRC style (cut the pattern on the back half of the lid) and bump your main to around a 180 And dont forget to get an outerwear
  15. White7


    Mod for Mod the R will kick the EX's butt period,all my friends that have EX's want R's Why not start where you will eventually end up