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  1. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    Just installed auto decomp yzf cam (with YZF timing) and adjusted valve clearences. got bike started not easy!!! runs fine, when warm kicks first time. Do i really need to rejet with YZF kit or can i stick with WR jetting? Will a yzf jet kit make it easier to start when cold or do ineed to check my pilot screw?
  2. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    Thanks Had alook at the grey wire mod is this just for US spec WR 250's can't find the wire on my UK spec model? Just looked at jetting on TT store which one do I buy yZ250F 06-09 or the item displayed as Wr/YZ 250f 00-09? Confused:(
  3. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    After modding wr250 with Yzf cam and timing do I need to rejet wiTh Yzf jetting? If yes where is good place to buy jetting kit? Also does any1 know if I can use a Yzf 250 2005 carb on my 2002 wr250?
  4. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    Bloody iPhone sorry!!!! Where was I? Yes yz jetting on wr when using yz timing? If so where is a good site to get jet kit from? I have seen a 2005 Yzf carb on eBay will this fit my 2002 WR? Jetting sorted!!!???? Thanks again for your help!!
  5. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    Thanks for your help!!! I have read that I may need to change my jetting if I use yz timing is this right? If so anyone kn
  6. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    Thanks for the reply!!! One other quick question some people refer to TDC as the 'H' in the inspection window others say that you need to get the 'I' in the inspection window. Which one is correct???!!!!!
  7. SNOOP2002

    YZ timing for WR cam ?

    Hello Guys, I have got a Wr 250 F 2002 and its a bitch to start!!! I have bought a YZF 04-05 exhaust cam that has the auto decompression on it but am a little apprehensive about installing it as everyone seems to only mention a '03 cam' when referring to the mod for the WR. can i use this 04-05 yzf exhaust cam? Please help
  8. SNOOP2002

    Cdi Unit

    Any1 Know Where I Can Get A Cdi Unit For My 2000 Drz 400e, Preferably Not From Suzuki Nas They Are Expensive