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  1. Upfrontcomms

    Endurocross 05 Video

    Hello all, JUST finished the FINAL edit on 2005 Endurocross DVD. Was adding some cool "watercam" and "logcam" shots I though everyone would like to the "line cut" of the event. All Friday qualifiers, Sat. pro qualifiers, and all Sat night events are on the dvd, plus a lot of "extras". I'm taking the master to the duplicator on Monday, DVD's should be ready to ship in about a week. Thanks to everyone for your patience-- I think you'll see it paid off. Thanks, Dan-- DVD producer
  2. Upfrontcomms

    2005 Endurocross DVD

    You'll be able to order it at www.endurocross.com or www.supercross.com soon! Should be on sale within 2 weeks, it's on it's way to the duplication house. Thanks! Dan/UPFRONT
  3. Upfrontcomms

    2005 Endurocross DVD

    Hi there, www.endurocrossusa.com is where you can order, also at www.supercross.com Look for it soon. We're just about done with it, hope to wrap it up later today or tomorrow and get it to the duplicator! THANKS for your interest!!
  4. Upfrontcomms

    2005 Endurocross DVD

    Here's some info on the Endurocross 2005 DVD-- my company produces the DVD's for this event and the Mini Moto events, we are in final editing process and getting the graphics finished, so we anticipate the Endurocross 2005 DVD should be on sale in the next 2 weeks, 3 weeks at most. THANK YOU for asking about it, and I hope you'll enjoy it!! It was quite a night of racing!