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  1. 1961explorer

    I ride an XR250 - will I be happy with a DRZ400?

    check out the classifieds saw some nice drzs there,.kickers are rare but I have a real nice one I'll let go!
  2. 1961explorer

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I'm a printer,.run a Heidelberg CD-74 6 unit+coater,.not a bad gig,.wish I could ride a little more!!
  3. 1961explorer

    James Dean jet kit

    Hey I have an '01',.kicker,I went with the yosh full system,and the JD kit, pulled out the rubber plug in the air box and followed the directions for altitude that came with the JD kit and the bike rips,.pretty staight forward instructions come with the kit,.I'm happy with it,.
  4. 1961explorer

    Devol radiator guard help

    I have a kicker,the devol guards bolted on mine with no trimming at all,good luck!
  5. 1961explorer

    Who has what DRZ?

    Got an 01 kicker,.a rare breed I know,.JD jetting,3x3,yosh full ss rs-3,Tonns skid plate,Devol rad guards,the basics,.great trail bike,little heavy,but as light as a drz is likely to get,.f------ billy goat, will go anywhere I can stay on it.
  6. 1961explorer

    Twinsburg, Ohio

    I have been to both Elson street and Crow's canyon,.would recomend them both,.under 20 bucks a piece all day,..I think Elson street is open all year,.lots of four wheelers there the few times I went,.good riding though,.good luck,..always looking to ride with new people,.
  7. 1961explorer


    Hey erock,..I'll take a look at that time frame and get back to you,.I also rode on the rockhouse trail,. fully agree with all the posts however did't ride any single track,..rode with[4-wheeler dudes],..good people,.great time.
  8. 1961explorer


    Hi guys,.I haven't been on much latley,.I'm from Ashland Co. Oh. I too have been down to H.M.,.I rode mostly with the 4 wheeled crowd,.mostly black trails,..they wanted to see if I could ride,.the drz is a billygoat,.I won't say it was a cake walk,.but I survived,..wonderful place to ride,.plan for a few days if you can,.We rode at the Rocky fork or something trailhead,.been two years almost,..the mind is the first to go,....would love to go back with some two wheeled fellows,be sure you have plenty of bash protection for the bike also,..I got by fine with the stock range of my bike,.just depends how much you hone on it!!
  9. 1961explorer

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    because I can,...
  10. 1961explorer

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Hey why don't you just click on my garage to view the pics? most of us have them right?
  11. 1961explorer

    Stroker VS Big Bore Debate!!

    Hey I don't want to throw a wet blanket on all this big bore-n-stroke party,.and I do realize this topic mainly has to do with the sm guys,.but out on the trails can a mere mortal really need more than the stock drz 400 has to offer,?..I got a few minor mods on mine,..and it's got power a plenty!!
  12. 1961explorer

    weight offroad

    Hi, I'm coming at you from a little different place,.I ride the 'k' model drz 400 dirt only , I can tell you that this is most likely the 'lightest' of the drzs [no battery,starter,ect,.] just a 4 stroke dirt bike,.I wont fib and say it's a flick able fire breathing trail beast,but what it is is an almost unstoppable trail bike,.weight is good for traction,if I could stay on the back of this thing it would go up a tree! after addressing some of the common faults the bike is near bullet proof. there is a reason the drz forum is the largest,.the bike can damn near do it all,..torque is king on the trails,.not rpms,.but with the drz you will not want for either!!
  13. 1961explorer

    Catching Some Air (Photo)

    Hi goebz,..The Wooster Brush company,..I'm sure you've heard of it!! making the finest paint applicators since 1851,..
  14. 1961explorer

    Catching Some Air (Photo)

    GOEBZ. check out my garage,you can see my set up,.we must go for a trail ride your right next door,,..I work at the Brush,..have for almost 21yrs. :applause:Hey Scott367,..where in Ohio are you located,..when you heal up we'll look into a ride with some other Ohio dudes,..Last month I biffed it just like you only on my daughter's cr125,.broken bones suck hard,.get well!!
  15. 1961explorer

    Catching Some Air (Photo)

    Hey Goebz, well a funny thing happened on the way to Crow Canyon, I got out voted so we ended up going to Elson street trails instead. We had a pretty good time though,..well most of the time anyway,..the system there at times is very tight,..also no trail markings that can be used for navigation,.the parts we have been on before were fun but the tight woods places my daughter had some trouble,. ..momentum and rpms are your best friend on a 125 I informed her, but lack of seat time this year,..has taken it's toll,..my how boyfriends eat into the time well spent on more useful endeavorers. Oh the DRZ,..IT WAS THE S### . ,ran like a scalded cat,..let my friend take it for a spin,[he's a 125 guy too],..couldn't get him off it,..he has seen the light!! new yosh pipe sounded and performed great,.ran it uncorked!! We plan a trip to Crow Canyon next month.I haven't been to Newcomerstown what's the name of the park?.,ect..I'm in Ashland co.