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  1. WWchrome

    ELINE Light Kit Wiring

    A few wires on my light kit came loose and are mixed up. The ELINE website does not have a wiring diagram. On back of the module there are 5 plugs numbered 1 - 5. Plug #1 is green, yellow, black then either red, white or brown. Plug #2 is either red, white or brown then either red, white or brown then red, orange and blue. Could someone with a wiring diagram or the same light kit give me a hand? Greatly appreciated! KEEP ON THUMPIN!
  2. WWchrome

    ELINE Light Kit

    Tried it. No manuals available online. Thanks.
  3. WWchrome

    ELINE Light Kit

    My 01 WR426 has an ELINE light kit. Looking for someone with a wiring diagram for this. Need to reconnect a few loose wires. Thanks in advance for all assistance.
  4. WWchrome

    wr450 graphics kit

    Got pics? I like those as well.
  5. WWchrome

    riding spots in calif.

    Try Gorman, Cal City, Jaw Bone Canyon and Dove Springs. The last 3 are north of Mojave off the 14.
  6. WWchrome

    01 Wr426

    Sold the Raptor today. Picking up the WR this evening. I can't wait till Prez Weekend. Headed to Cal City.
  7. WWchrome

    01 Wr426

    Just gave a deposit on it. Gotta unload the Raptor now.
  8. WWchrome

    01 Wr426

    How do you like your 426?
  9. WWchrome

    01 Wr426

    Currently I have an 03 Raptor 660. Planning on selling it and getting a bike. A friend has an 01 WR 426 in great shape with a few mods (baja kit - plated, White bros pipe, triple clamps/bars/steering stabilizer, new plastics and a decompression cam). Is $4200 a good price? Thanks in advance for the advice. Looking forward to goining the Thumper World.