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  1. A few wires on my light kit came loose and are mixed up. The ELINE website does not have a wiring diagram. On back of the module there are 5 plugs numbered 1 - 5. Plug #1 is green, yellow, black then either red, white or brown. Plug #2 is either red, white or brown then either red, white or brown then red, orange and blue. Could someone with a wiring diagram or the same light kit give me a hand? Greatly appreciated! KEEP ON THUMPIN!
  2. Tried it. No manuals available online. Thanks.
  3. My 01 WR426 has an ELINE light kit. Looking for someone with a wiring diagram for this. Need to reconnect a few loose wires. Thanks in advance for all assistance.
  4. Got pics? I like those as well.
  5. Try Gorman, Cal City, Jaw Bone Canyon and Dove Springs. The last 3 are north of Mojave off the 14.
  6. Sold the Raptor today. Picking up the WR this evening. I can't wait till Prez Weekend. Headed to Cal City.
  7. Just gave a deposit on it. Gotta unload the Raptor now.
  8. How do you like your 426?
  9. Currently I have an 03 Raptor 660. Planning on selling it and getting a bike. A friend has an 01 WR 426 in great shape with a few mods (baja kit - plated, White bros pipe, triple clamps/bars/steering stabilizer, new plastics and a decompression cam). Is $4200 a good price? Thanks in advance for the advice. Looking forward to goining the Thumper World.