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  1. 500 Mike

    JD Jetting Kit

    100% agree. Go for it. Especially at that price. Can't go wrong.
  2. 500 Mike

    wiseco piston

    I just did the top end on my '06 CR250. Replaced the stock piston with a Wiseco. The Wiseco did not have pre-drilled holes so I did the deed myself. However, the stock piston did not have any "exhaust bridge" holes drilled in it. Why not? Is this a case where a cast (stock) piston does not need the holes and a forged (Wiseco) does need them??
  3. 500 Mike

    Jetting Update: 06' CR250

    I am running the JD Jet kit on my 06 CR250R. 30 Pilot, RED needle clip #3, 400 Main, AS at 1.5-2.0 out. I am at 80F and 1100 ft elevation. I believe that the stock main jet is 420 on an 06 so you must have bought the bike used or the dealer changed the jetting on the showroom floor to compensate for your area. Good Luck.
  4. 500 Mike

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2006 CR250R Bought it new last year in the spring.
  5. 500 Mike

    2007 CR250 Help!

    Miss B You will never get your jetting right if your carb float height is set incorrectly. I am guessing you have that problem too. When I bought my '06 CR 250 it was spewing fuel out the over flow at the dealership before I brought it home. I knew they wouldn't know how to fix it so I did it myself. Since then I have never fouled a plug in the 1 yr I have owned it. I don't remember the exact float height but I'm sure if you do a search on TT here the specs will come up. The shop manual has the data in there also. Good luck. You should not be fouling plugs every ride. Don't sell the bike. I really like mine.
  6. 500 Mike

    wouldnt start... gas in the pipe

    My '06 CR250 had the carb float out of adjustment when they wheeled it off the showroom floor. I am not sure what Honda was thinking when they set these things up but it seems they lost focus on the details the last few years. Too busy messing with the 4 strokes I guess.
  7. 500 Mike

    Fork Seal is Leaking!

    Try the picture film negative thing. It worked well for me. Pry the wiper down first, clean that and then gently push the film up and around between the seal and the fork tube. It's cheap and easier than pulling the forks apart. If it doesn't work you haven't lost much. Good luck.
  8. 500 Mike

    2006 CR250 popping noise when accelerating

    My advice is try 50/50 pump premium and VP C-12 race gas. I chased the jetting deal all over the map and ended up here on my 06 CR250. Good luck.
  9. 500 Mike

    250 two stroke and 250 4 stroke together?

    It sounds like the 4 stroke tuners will have to kick it up a notch to keep up... the proposed rules will pass.
  10. 500 Mike

    07 cr 250 jetting

    I am currently running a #30 Pilot, down from the #40 stock. Main is at #400 and I have the JD Jetting needle in it, Red, Clip #2, Air screw is at 2-2.5 turns out My elevation is right around 1000 ft. Good luck with yours. I can't believe how lean I have had to go. So far, so good though.
  11. 500 Mike

    Mikuni vs. Kehin

    Yes they do have a website. See below. It is not too informative but will at least get you their phone number to give them a call to answer questions or order. I don't recommned e-mailing them as I never heard back from them that way and ended up calling. http://www.carbparts.com/ I'd still like to know if anyone has tried the Keihin PWK with a TPS bike. I'd buy the carb kit if I felt comfortable that I wasn't going to run into a conflict with the electronics.
  12. 500 Mike

    Mikuni vs. Kehin

    Yamy, What year is your CR? Did you have the TPS to deal with or not? I talked to the Carb Parts Warehouse guys and they say disconnect the TPS and use the PWK. According to them, all it does is sense if the throttle is open or not and does not effect the RC Valve or timing at all. I plan to research this point further.
  13. 500 Mike

    Did you guys see this post in General

    I am totally PO'd about this decision by Honda. I have been a Honda owner for the last 9 years with my last purchase from them being an 06 CR250. I feel like selling that bike and buying an RM or YZ just to show them how mad I am. That's not gonna happen because I really like the bike and wouldn't get anything for a used CR so I will keep it a while. It will be interesting to see how the other Co's react to Honda's decision. I hope we can make them regret what they have decided to do!!
  14. 500 Mike

    Mikuni vs. Kehin

    I too have an '06 CR250. I would like to hear from anyone who has made a Keihin for Mikuni swap on an 05-07 year 250. These bikes have the TPS and an curious which Keihin to get to utilize the TPS or is it something you just disconnect when you make the switch? I noticed that the late model YZ's also have a Keihin with TPS but can't find anything on Sudco's site about a model like that?
  15. 500 Mike

    No toil oil problems

    I had the same problem recently (sucking dirt through the filter) on a brand new Twin-Air on my CR250. I thought it might have been that I didn't use enough oil on the filter so I tried it again with LOTS of oil. We'll see how this turns out after my next ride. If I see more dirt I'll either go back to regular oil or try and find some of the Twin Air Bio oil. I've looked around my area but couldn't find any. I love the easy clean up with No Toil, but it's not worth ruining an engine.