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  1. jose1059

    valve springs

    thanks for the input
  2. jose1059

    valve springs

    hey guys just got a new 06 250f and just wondering if i should change the stock springs with Rd springs or some kind of aftermarket springs or are the stock spring just fine
  3. jose1059

    2003 sx 125

    i have an 03 ktm sx 125 and the thing rips i ride mostly trails but the track on the weekends i have a fmf sst pipes so that helps with bottom end threw the woods and i have bigger sproket on the back.
  4. jose1059

    quick question

    do you guys use a torqe wrench to put on your oil filter cap and your drain bolts or do you just snug them to where you think is best.
  5. jose1059

    o6 250f

    im picking up a 06 yz 250f tonight is it ok to start it before i break it in or should i just wait to break it in. thanks