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    Lots o noise from fresh rebuilt motor

    Beleive me I know. This might be embarassing, but I work as a moto mechanic. Thats why it confounds me so. I head people all the time trying to describe noises, and I always gotta say " I would have to hear it myself" Thats why I included the description, though maybe somone here could direct me in the right path. Unfortunatly. I live in Houston. I WAS going to meet a friend in austin tonight ironically, but had to cancel. Ah, fate.
  2. TexasArranger

    Lots o noise from fresh rebuilt motor

    So as the title indicates, im getting what I consider an excessive amount of noice from my motor, which I just fully rebuilt (after it locking up on me on the freeway at 75mph. Cam skipped, thew exhaust valves into piston). I put new crank bearings on a new (used from 05) crank and new cam chain, MCCT, new exhaust valves and all valves done by local shop. I did all work (aside cutting the valves in), and saw it all. But it still makes more noise than I think it should. Ive been over and over the MCCT thing, but that doesnt change it. I did notice that the clutch basket has these loose springs in it... they were in the back, I guess dampeners, but they had like 5mm of play each way each.. Could this be my noise? I would describe it as engine... knock? Come from the bottom end im pretty sure. Like I said, I was in there, and the clutch thing is all I can think of. The previous owner had relaced the cylinder/piston, and in install it didnt seem to have any play, so I assume its not that. It just worries me. Any imput? -R
  3. Hmm.. Ill try the loosening the bolts thing. I set the oil level with the forks fully compressed, off the bike. I dont remember exactly where I set them, I just remember doing it 10mm stiffer than stock recommendation.
  4. So, I changed my fork oil recently, put in PJ1 cartridge oil at 100mm, and it has race tech springs installed. I weigh 150, and man, that front end is stiff. I took it on the MX track and have been trail riding and street riding it (dual-sported E-model), and that front end is just too stiff. So, should I put the stock springs back in and lower the oil level? I remember I went with the 10mm over stock on oil level cause I read on here everyone likes that, but its too stiff for me. I also had to change the read shock spring out back to stock cause prev owner was like 200+ lbs and put the heavy duty spring in... i also changed the oil in that while I was at it. I feel like the rear shock feels much better now, so now I want to get the front just right. So, stock springs and oil level, or just spring w/ higher oil level, or race tech soprings with lower oil... and it also just feels like there is a lot of stiction... it takes a bit of effort to get em to move if im just at a stop holding the brake and trying to pump it... comments?
  5. TexasArranger

    Best jetting for FCR at sea level? Some mods..

    Ok, so why the 2 differant answers? What would the differance be between the 45 and 100 and 38 and 75 setup on the pilot? Why do one of you say EMM needle and the other EMN? Thanks again
  6. Ok, its a 01 E model, 3x3 mod, yosh on stock header, moose airfilter. I disabled the air-cut valve, it was faulty. So how do I jet this for optimum performance? I searched through old threads but couldnt find anything in a situation like mine. And, I saw something about an EMM needle, where do I get this, from Suzuki? Thanks!
  7. TexasArranger

    Can SM wheels be put on E model?

    Hey all, I was wondering if I can easily put the wheels from an SM model on my E model to use for supermoto track days... then put the E wheels back on to go to the woods... I know the SM's have inverted forks, so will the front wheel go on with the same axle? Are spacers needed? How about the rear? Just curious, but I would like to be able to do both with the same bike.