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  1. Looks f-ing aswesome. Thinking about doing the same with my '01. Besides the stator (curious which one fits), what parts did you use to get lights/brake light? TIA booch
  2. Does anyone have a part number for the decompression block off plate? I cant find it in the microfiche on bikebandit. TIA booch
  3. Good stuff - thanks for the link! booch
  4. Just got my HotCams autodecompressor and wondering how hard of an install it is. New to 4 strokes and never messed with cams/valves on a bike. Anything to watch out for? Any special tools? (dont plan on trying to adjust timing and will assume its ok) How is the shimming process - do I need plastigauge or just feelers? Thanks!! booch
  5. Yo - Is that why you called me today?? See you that you called didnt check messages yet...still licking my wounds from Fridays crash. My knee is fu@#ed up!
  6. Just what I was looking for...
  7. Yeah - thats what I figured. I guess I could drop the $250 for OEM stuff and be done with it...
  8. Im rebuilding this 4-wheeler for my son and am having a hard time finding aftermarket plastic. Checked all the major vendors and have been searching eBay. Anyone have a good resource for older machines? THanks Joe
  9. Curious what the G.B mod is? TIA booch
  10. Looking at 01 426 tommorow and wondering what range it should be in? No top end work done to bike according to seller. TIA Joe