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  1. nick524

    klx110 valves

    anyone know the stock valve specs on a klx110?
  2. nick524

    valve specs on 06 crf250r

    i need to know the intake and exhaust valve settings for a stock 2006 crf250r. any help would be awesome!
  3. nick524

    what front tire for my 06 250f?

    i have had horrible luck with dunlops. they are bad tires in my opinion
  4. nick524

    what front tire for my 06 250f?

    Maxxis Maxx-cross IT front and rear the rear should be 110/90/19. that will give you good traction
  5. nick524

    Custom Radiator Lowering Kit

    the raditators with coolant in them probably weigh 2 pounds at the most. i may be wrong on that but i am guessing. it is basically a mind set. just like when a kid says their suspension sucks and their dad tells them that he adjusts the clickers (but he actually doesnt) the kid goes out and rides and says it is much better. the lowering kit really has no great affect. maybe a tiny bit but nothing to really notice. the pros do fine with out them!
  6. nick524

    2006 yz250f valves

    valves are not that hard to adjust at all. and you really dont need to adjust them every 15 hours, just check them. all you need to check them is a simple socket set, some allen wrenches and feeler guages. it also depends on how hard you ride it too.
  7. nick524

    Need some info.

    What all does the JD Jet kit consist of? Do they send you certain jets for whatever climate you live in or whaveter? Or do you pick the sizes yourself?
  8. nick524

    2006 YZ250F bar dimensions

    i have a set of charmicheal bend and they feel nothing close to the yamaha bend. isnt the windham bend pretty close to the cr high?
  9. nick524

    2006 YZ250F bar dimensions

    the stock bend is not even close to the charmicheal bend. i have tons of bends and i like the CR high the best (im tall) but i believe that its either called the YZ bend or YZ high bend that is just a little taller than stock. the stock bend is just called the Yamaha bend. hope that helps you guys.
  10. nick524

    No shavings in my used oil

    My 06 is roughly a year old and i have not taken the screen off until a few days ago when i was tearing down the whole motor. So im not disagreeing with you or telling you that your wrong, but i was i was just stating that, im not sure what all it is. but my clutch basket did break and it got all kinds of particles all through my motor.
  11. nick524

    Custom Radiator Lowering Kit

    I have a raditator lowering kit on my 06. I can hardly tell the difference with it on there. I think it was a waste of money.
  12. nick524

    No shavings in my used oil

    On the 2006 yz250f oil tank, if you take that drain hose completely off of the tank there is a little screen in there, that catches ALOT of metal shavings. if you take the oil tank off and take all of the little hoses off you will see what i am talking about. you might find alot in there and it may be a good idea to clean it out every once in a while. the job isnt too hard.
  13. nick524

    valve question

    im not sure how much a dealer charges. but you can buy a hot cams shim kit for like $80 and do it yourself, it is really easy.
  14. nick524

    head pipe question

    get the full system. get eather a white bros aluminum pro or a Dr. D. dont get a yoshi
  15. nick524

    hop-ups? 06 yz 250f

    get your nuts on the gas tank and lean forward while cornering