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  1. jfwyatt

    86-88 4 trax 250 r

    depends on what year it is and how much engine work has been done. i have had 6 250rs in diferent forms in the last ten years. first find out what thy are going for in your area. since they lost eligibility with a lot of racing org. their value has gone down you can still use them for hare scrambles here on the east coast. but if your not planing on racing they are still hard to beat as far as fun goes. $2600 is a pretty good price as long as the frame is in good shape check around motor mounts and suspension pivot points. also check around the front sprocket to make sure the case hasnt been damaged by the chain coming off. if you buy it if not already don upgrade front suspension and have rear shock revalved and have fun hope this helps.
  2. jfwyatt

    Honda magnum cam

    my brother decided he wants a 416 kit in his 400ex after riding mine . he found a magnum cam for $99.99 its less expensive than a hot cams stage 2 but is it as good? anyone tried one ? thanks
  3. jfwyatt

    Honda 400ex suspension

    will the factory front shocks off a 450r work on a 400ex. thamks
  4. jfwyatt

    `00 400ex redo

    thanks for the input. One of my friends is going to sell his bike and is willing to swap out my stock pipe for his dg eccelorator how would this pipe work with the bore kit and cam. thanks
  5. jfwyatt

    Honda `00 400ex redo

    Im Getting Ready To Install A 416 Bore Kit, Hot Cams Stage 1 Cam, Works Shocks, +2 Up 1 A Arms, And Gforce Axle On My 400ex. Im Wondering What Exhaust Will Be A Good Choice. Ive Looked At The Drd Pipes With A Quiet Core. Keeping The Noise Level Down Is A Big Issue Where I Ride Which Consists Of Mostly Woods And Hills. Thanks For Any Input.
  6. jfwyatt

    440 bore kit ??

    does the 416 kit reqire a sleeve? and what about te 426 kits ive found.
  7. jfwyatt

    Honda 440 bore kit ??

    isit worth the money? and how is reliability and overheating problems?thanks for any input.
  8. jfwyatt

    Trx250r or Trx450r or Yfz450r

    Ive been riding atvs for 21 years. ivehad them all from blasters to quadzilla 500s to Ltr 450 now. I also have an leagers trx 250r with a ct 310 kit. there is no comparison between it and my new Ltr450. The honda chews it up and spits it out. while leaving room for desert. but like was said preveously it isnt legal for competition in AMA. You can build either one you choose. easily because the aftermarket has already picked up the Ltr 450.in stock form theres nothing that will compete with the suzuki. rihgt now anyway.
  9. jfwyatt

    03 YZF exhaust on a 06 YZF

    abuddy of mine installed an 04` pro curcuit exhaust on his 06` but he had a reputable exhaust shop modify his header and mid pipe to fit. they did a pretty good job.and so far it seems to be working pretty good
  10. jfwyatt

    ride areas in western NC

    im looking for some new places to ride in my area . preent locations are closed due to rich people buying up anything thats for sale .i live in burnsville just west of asheville.
  11. jfwyatt

    02 250f just rebuilt

    I just installed a wiseco piston and the hot cams kit in this bike . after i broke it in i changed the oil ,filter and cleaned the oil tank screen . the oil seemed to have quite abit of metal shavings in it although since then ive rode it twice and the oil noww looks clean is this normal when breaking in 4strokes. also i seem to have a slight bog at about half throttle that wasent there before the rebuild. any ideas.
  12. jfwyatt

    brake question

    I have seen this don many times i usually take a gasket scraper tool or a putty knife slide it in between the pistons then brake the bleeder screw. you should be able to push the pistons backinto their bores easily. if they wont move than they have popped out of the bores or seals. the only thing to do then is find a shop that can rebuild them or replace them. hope that helps
  13. just traded for bike am going to change oil but dont have owners manuel whats the fill capacity. thanks.
  14. jfwyatt

    02` yz250f jetting

    bike runs alright theres abit of a bog at about quarter throttle and its hard to start even with the hot start pulled out.
  15. when reading the spark plug should i check it after its been idling or should i ride at half throttle and hit the kill switch then check the plug. also i have an assortment of jets and needles from when i raced honda 250r will those work in the new keihen carb or should i just order a kit. this is my first 4stroke. thanks ahead a time.