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    stuck throttle

    i did, but the turn came up faster than i thought and i could not slow down in time
  2. Danger_Ranger

    stuck throttle

    I was riding yesterday and me and my buddy found an open trail. So me being the way I am, decided to open the 426 up. 5th gear tapped out is an awsome feeling,......until you let off the throttle and it does not go back. By the time I realized it was too late. I could not slow down in time for the turn. I went through a thorn bush, took out a small tree, an then when high side and hit another tree. I made it about a good 25 feet through a pretty heavily wooded area. I got lucky that all I got was some cuts, a sore back, and a fractured knuckle. Looking back at it, if I went another foot to the left I would have smashed my head on a fallen log. Thank God for my helmet and riding gear. Man, that really sucked, does anybody have stories like this one?