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    Durhamtown, GA

    A sometimes fun place to drink and camp and thats it. I don't care how many tracks or miles they have. Not one single track is worth riding. Last time I went (last fall) I rode one lap around each track and parked my MX bike. If Mike would get the hell out of there and let someone manage it, maybe. The bomber was good when it was first built, but you have to prep it. He does not know who to listen to and micro manages everything. Workers are all poorly trained and obviously do not have meetings with clear communication. If they let me live there for free and ride for free, I would turn it down. It's just that bad to me.
  2. 424

    Florida Florida trip ideas?

    Ok, we are finally taking a trip to Florida from western North Carolina. I'd like some ideas on what not to miss out on. My 20 yr old is competitive and loves A/B level tracks that are well prepped. In my current level of physical fitness, I just want to have some fun, like some vet friendly stuff. I'd like to check out some trails also. I have found so many places to go, so I would like some feed back on places. Places change, management changes. Who is currently taking care of their tracks to make if worth my effort, time and Money? Thanks
  3. 424

    First Race in NC/TN

    I think Muddy Creek is the best track of the series but at times could be intimidating to a beginner. Historically the first race has the most entries. A few years ago I remember there were 89 riders in 250C. But of corse that was before the downturn in economy and before Sam increased entry fees 20%. Either way if you go to M/C you won't have to wait so long! Just get out and have fun! Good luck to you!
  4. 424

    KTM dealer reccomendation for WNC

    Neeley was no hassle when I dealt with him. I called him up and told him who I was and that I was thinking about switching my son to KTM's. He just gave me a great price over the phone, no b.s. and wasting time like so my places. He's great to deal with, easy to talk to. He knows dirt bikes. He has what, 7 titles from Loretta's and years of off-road experience. I see him at the tracks all the time with his grandson. He'll also be your best bet if you do need a part in a pickle. And geez quick interstate shot from Asheville to Spartanburg.
  5. 424

    Mountain Home Reopening?

    Hearing the same, but don't know anything.
  6. 424

    KTM dealer reccomendation for WNC

    Robbie Neeley
  7. 424

    Honda self locking wheel nut

    Just ditch the cotter pin and forget it. Had several we always thrash the pin and just run it. Think about it. Ever had the nut come loose and put pressure on the pin? It's there to satisfy the attorneys.
  8. 424

    Bad news

    What about retainer to guide clearance? Higher lift on the cams tighten this up, sometimes needing shorter guides. WebCams has them.
  9. 424

    Mt Home MX: any vital signs at all?

    last I heard the property sold on courthouse steps
  10. 424

    YZ125 Ignition UPgrade ??

    Sparkey, we had one on our 06. Was not really impressed. Certainly not for that much money. They retail for almost $600. JD Ignition has one PVL Ignition probably has one. Ours was an Athena by JD Ignition. It had a handle bar switch for 2 maps, one stock and one "racing". It made the bike pop something fierce. I eventually put it on E-bay, sold for $250.
  11. I understand that the both have KYB but will they swap? 06YZ125 and an 05+ KX250
  12. 424

    Best inexpensive oil?

    A friend of mine that has a shop just tore down his son's 250F with 80-100 hours on it. The piston and everything in it looked great. He always used Valvoline 4 stroke motorcycle oil from Advance Auto for $4.34. It meets JASO specs and all the other mess they require in the manual. It's not as cheap as Rotella but it does meet the requirements and is purpose made for a wet clutch, for a whole lot cheaer than most oils from the bike shop.
  13. 424

    Southeast MX Camps

    There is a guy training down at Trick Tank. Jerry Masterpool I think is his name. Jim Neese does some training around Greensboro with accomadations. There is Gary Bailey up in Axton, VA.
  14. 424

    New top end keeps noise

    Don't really care for Wiseco myself. Yamaha offers four pistons for the stock bore. Wiseco has one. Which one do you think you can get a proper clearance with.
  15. 424

    Best mods for the '06 YZ 125?

    oh yeah and jetting, YES easy and bigger gains than bolt ons. If memory serves me right... I know i used a smaller pilot, turned the screw in a bit and might have dropped the needle