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  1. Benny Mac, I got lucky and was able to get the bolt out with an extractor.
  2. Thanks Benny, I hear you on the defecation part. My bike has 3-hours. Our local shop did not want to mess with it.
  3. Benny Mac, I have the same problem (broken bolt), how did you get yours out? Thanks Mike
  4. I searched but found nothing. Does anyone know if the 2015 FC 450 / 2015 KTM SX-F 450 exhaust are interchangeable? Thanks Mike
  5. Good luck, I actually called when I received the same kit to be sure. They were very helpful. Mike
  6. OCC, My bike is a 2015 300 RR. I had to cut the plug coming from the flasher and put connectors on the cut wires wires to connect to the Beta plug. It sounds like our bikes might be a bit different.
  7. I had to cut the conector from the supplied flasher and wire it into the Beta plug for the flasher.
  8. On mine the purple was left and the green was right. Blacks to each side.
  9. Remove the inner fender. That is where mine were. S/B 2 wires for each signal. Mike
  10. Sorry, I ordered the Sicass kit from Sierra BMW & Beta Motorcycles. They have a catalog section for Beta. Just key in signal in the search window it should come up.
  11. I purchased this kit: http://www.motosupply.com/beta-beta-sicass-racing-beta-turn-signal-p-517.html Everything works as it should
  12. Great video. Got me all puckered up. Nothing like that here in Kansas.
  13. You guys rock. Adjusted the screw and it works. Thanks KRANNIE and Danceswithtrees. I got the next round. Mike
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