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    Daytona SX Fri, where??

    Ok, this isn't a ride but, does anyone know where to go to watch the Daytona SX on Friday night? This is pretty lame that you can go watch any stick/ball sport any day of the freakin year but when it comes to this, no bar in Seattle wants to have anything to do with it?? Jillians even dropped the Daytona 200 idea from the last few years too. Laaaaaame.
  2. Are these bikes known for excessive vibration? I test rode one this weekend that was for sale and on the short ride (approx 1 mile), the vibes were significant enough to make my feet tingle? BTW, it isn't a maintenance issue bcz the bike was literally brand new and has never been ridden. There wasn't a scratch on anything. The plastic was immaculate and the tires/chain/sprockets were the originals. Hell, the chain even had the white grease still on it! It was a very tempting purchase bcz of the amazing condition of the bike but the ride was what really put me off and I was wondering if any of you knew if this was normal?