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  1. faster4

    family dirt bike club looking for new members

    bump one more time
  2. faster4

    Bay Area Rider Pool

    I know this thread is old but you should take a look at tbsad.org it's a local club with riding trips planned every month
  3. faster4

    Constant on Brake light on '04 525

    It sounds like the front brakes switch. They are pretty cheesy and they slip out of their retaining hole and the light will stay on.
  4. It looks like the Sunday ride is still a go. I'll be there 9 a.m. at MM. I'm in a grey Ford truck with a KTM in the back. I am coming from Livermore so if something happens and no one can make it, please post on this thread.
  5. I'll be there sunday 9am @ mace mill I'am in a gray F350 with a KTM in the back.
  6. sunday works for me 9am @ mace mill
  7. Cool. I'm new to posting on this forum, how do I get information on where and when to meet or will it be posted in this thread later in the week. thanks
  8. I've been looking to hook up with some people to ride with and was wondering if the ride on the 7th is open to anyone? If so, tell me when and where and I'm there. Thanks.