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  1. 323racer

    2018 250 SX head on an XC

    I have done quite a bit of reading on this and just want to confirm before I pulled the trigger. Has anyone with a 2018 250XC swapped the cylinder head to an SX head? I see it was done on 17s quite a bit and I dont think there are many changes for 18 so it should be safe right? I am interested in doing this mainly to combat pipe bang and not so much for performance.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys, that makes me feel better. I have drained the gas and will refill with the proper stuff. I also put a new plug in it. The original looked OK but figured it cant hurt. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the 3 gallons of VP that I already mixed up. Guess the mower will get some of the good stuff...
  3. Today I just realized I made a pretty big mistake. I ordered Motorex cross power 2T to use for pre mix in my brand new 2018 250XC. Not until after my first two rides did I realize that they actually shipped me the Motorex cross power 4t 10w50. I mixed this at 55:1 without realizing it. The bike has 1.5 hours on it and it came from the dealer with about a half a tank of properly mixed gas so I think I only ran 1.5 to 2 gallons through with this mixture. So my question is, am I at any risk of causing any damage? I'm thinking it should lubricate OK maybe just a little excessive carbon build up? I drained the fuel and refilled with a proper mixture, just paranoid since it is a brand new bike
  4. 323racer

    2013 crf450 pics.

    Here are the only two pics I have from the back, not sure if this helps you. I can go out and take a straight on view tomorrow if not.
  5. 323racer

    FMF duals noisy

    It doesn't have any springs at the joints. They are just slip fit with high temp silicone to seal. It doesn't even have the tabs to put springs if I wanted to
  6. 323racer

    FMF duals noisy

    I just got dual FMF pipes for my 2013 and after riding with them on for about fifteen mins they started to make an abnormal noise. At higher RPM there is a high pitched rattle coming from the left side of the bike. I rechecked all the bolts to ensure they were torqued and removed the spark arrestors thinking it may have been that but the noise is still there. I am at a loss as to where this noise is coming from unless the muffler is defective and the noise is coming from inside the pipe. Any ideas on what else could be making the noise before I contact FMF to help troubleshoot?
  7. 323racer

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Looking for a code, will post mine back
  8. 323racer

    2013 crf450 pics.

    Got my suspension back and some better pics
  9. 323racer

    '13 CRF 450r parts...

    You still have the skid plate, case saver and axle blocks?
  10. 323racer

    2013 crf450 pics.

    Finally got mine ready for the start of the season. HRC bar clamps Twin wall 997 Hammerhead shift lever Tusk oversized rotor Throttle jockey graphics
  11. 323racer

    2013 crf450 pics.

    What number plates are those? I like them alot
  12. 323racer

    Alias mx gear

    I had the same problem. I have worn a 34 pant in most every brand of gear there is but Alias I needed a 36
  13. 323racer

    Decent OTD price of a 13

    Did you get that in NY or out of state?
  14. 323racer

    Supercross Indy supercross seats?

    I am planning on going to indy supercross race this year for the first time. I was just wondering where a good place to sit is but more importantly if there are any really bad sections to avoid thanks
  15. isnt dean wilson racing west coast?