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  1. lol when i put my 88 w/ r-head in gettin the cam sprocket on was nuts. I had like 2 screwdrives and a pair of forceps in that damn thing and had me and my friends trying to get it screwed in haha
  2. yeh its extended by 2 1/2 inches, i like it, but id like a down components +4 incher when i get new forks
  3. thanks bro
  4. well, since i got my borekit, i can hardly feel when i click my foot up and have to double check it... it used to slip horribly, like id downshift and youd hear clicking and then its go into gear and it was kind of annoying, btw, im kinda steering away from messing with my clutch, is it hard to install a hd clutch?
  5. k adjusted the clutch, runs and starts perfectly. yeh 88cc big bore stock clutch... im gonna get a HD soon
  6. put maximum 4, 4 stroke oil in it. Trimetallic formula.
  7. mkay ill adjust it to be sure, and i got 10 40 oil i think or 40 10, whichever
  8. When i try to kickstart my 50, itll either start, or the kick starter will resistantly go down to the bottom, but the engine wont turn over. Any ideas on whats wrong?
  9. well on the forks i just used primer paint because i was bored one day at my friends, and i was amazed how it matched up with the frame ahaha. Krylon paint holds up very well and painting it black would look sick
  10. happened to me a while back, check the green ground wire, make sure its secure. MIne backfired and would bog non stopand that fixed it. That or your jets
  11. that oil coolers real nice for how cheap it is, might get one after i fix all my oil leaks
  12. yeh i gotta get a new cam gasket on there