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  1. 03xr70

    To buy or not to buy - 2003 sx125

    Did they make a lot performance of changes from 03 to 04?
  2. I am seriously considering buying a 03 sx125 for 2300 in good condition. I have heard some good and bad things about sx 125s in general, is it a good bike, and is 03 a good year?... or would it be better going with the famous yz125? What would be some immediate things to improve on a stock sx125? Help me out, thanks! Dan
  3. I am wonder ing if the 02-05 plastic on 00-01 generation CR would come close to fitting? I want to put that on my 00 125, so it will look newer, and so i can get some graphix for it. I think the shrouds actually look close, im sure it wouldnt be hard getting on the fenders. But i was wondering if anyone knew. How about the airbox and numberplate fitting? Thanks for the help!
  4. 03xr70

    Ways to make my 70 go faster?

    Youve gotta put a 13t sprocker in the front, it makes a worlds o' difference, thats what i did to my stock one, and it kills all my buddys stock 70s! And its cheap!
  5. 03xr70

    XR70 front axle nut?

    ya, i just chisled it off today, I broke the socket on it and stripped it, so i got some new nuts!
  6. I have the 13 tooth in the front and stock rear, it was an amazing difference and is so much faster than all my buddies 70s!
  7. Ok, I need to get the front wheels off, easy right? No, i cant even get the bolt off, WHAT AM I MISSING? It will not even budge and Ive nearly stripped the nut to return, thinking about getting out the chisel, someone help me now!