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  1. sd1

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    thanks for that info Zero....hey do you find thatthe denton stabalizer works well in the whoops sections? whats the difference with it and just stock? appreciate any info..thx
  2. sd1

    Suzuki tire pressures

    Just curious what tire pressuressome of you are running on your Z's..... especially for desert type terrain or motocross
  3. sd1

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    well remember the lower end shocks are not that adjustable but they are built for your specific weight and riding terrain...so they are better than the stock ones we have now..... but looking at all these systems that are out there it looks like anyone would have to drop at least couple of grand to get anything half way decent......
  4. sd1

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    Looks pretty damn good Jdo..you happen to have a link handy? Also ive been talking to some quad racers lately and they say that overall performance wise Fox or Elka is defintely the way to go..the works shocks just didnt do it for them..that doesnt mean they are not good but it just didnt give them the adjustability they were looking for....
  5. sd1

    pulling of the air box lid?

    what is the stock main jet size anyway? im looking to do an ehs lid and new air filter for mine...is white bros a decent filter? or where can I get a decent deal on a uni?
  6. sd1

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    sounds pretty good Recon...your running the steelers in the front correct? You have the resevoir type or non res? If you happen to remember the name of that place in Yucaipa please post it here ... I would be interested...ty
  7. sd1

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    Nice setup you have recon,,, as I understand it you can go a little bit longer travel in the front and leave the rear stock....if you go for to long of travel the center of gravity on the bike will be completely off and it will submarine on you eevry time you get airborne. I like the performance of the stock rear shock and am looking for an inexpensive mx/desert front setup for my machine..... my guess would be works lower line front shock that is built for your weight...goes for about 380 on ebay and then elkas lower end which goes for 500 on ebay I wish I could find the works shocks at a little bit better pricing....
  8. sd1

    Best suspension mod under $1000???

    damn..id love to know this as well...the stock front shocks on my 2004 model are very poor performers overall
  9. sd1

    OEM Stock pipe?

    sent ya a pm with my addy...and thanks again
  10. sd1

    OEM Stock pipe?

    Thanks for the reply Crackin, you wouldn't happen to have a pic or two handy? that might help me tell if it would fit or not...but I am defintely interested..thanks
  11. sd1

    1993 Xr650l

    Dave - Do you happen to know someone who has OEM parts like that at a better price? I saw the part I needed but its a bit high....
  12. sd1

    price question?

    2000 might be the going rate in Michigan WRF...but out here in CA we would say you got one heck of a deal....nice job....
  13. sd1

    OEM Stock pipe?

    Just sent him a PM ...really appreciate the heads up on this...Thank You!!
  14. sd1

    price question?

    wrf is pretty close imo...ive seen your year go from about 2600.00 - 3500.00 depending on the condition of the bike....might want to do a search on cycle trader just to give you an idea also..and ebay www.cycletrader.com www.ebay.com
  15. sd1

    OEM Stock pipe?

    yup...thats what I am thinking also...unless I can find one in a wrecking yard somewhere..in decent shape