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  1. You might actually have a choke problem. Unlikely, but still. Some stupid jap must've put some locktite in my choke set up, because within a few months of buying the bike, the choke wouldnt come out. So i took it appart and fins out there's LockTite in it! So you might wanna look into that.
  2. I hear alot of people talking about Jose Basin and I know the general area of it, but I was wondering if anyone knew directions from the Fresno/Clovis area.
  3. Thank you all for the help. I ended up going with a UNI Filter.
  4. what is NLA?
  5. I have just acquired a 1984 XL 200R and can't seem to find any air filters. HELP!
  6. I recently acquired a 1984 Honda XL 200R and was wondering where I could find any performance exhaust products, seeing as I am going to strip it down to strictly a dirt bike. Any suggestions?