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  1. Went to a local place called Happy hollow here in ohio and there was alot of 2t's out today out numbered the 4 strokers 10 to 3.. had a pretty good day about 4 hours of riding in. really cranked my ankle though due to bad technique.. all in all pretty fun and i really enjoyed hearing all the Ring Dingers ripping through the woods and up the hills
  2. Once again.. Very windy.. No fly wheel weight.. Bike has very wide and useable power bike is running normal low rpms bike has stock tranny with 14/48 sprockets.. Very wide long first gear and the rest of the gears are wide and long I don't have to shift out of second gear on the track.. Bike has almost no low end to speak of to begin with.. When I'm talking about lugging in refering to the bike almost dieing and rattling and fighting to stay running.... Just above that point.. Right where the chain stops making noise against the guides. The power in which I'm refering to has nothing to do with the powerband.. The power I gained was within the large dead lazy spot the bike spends the first 15 to 25 feet in when NOT slipping the clutch to get it on the pipe.. I don't know what you are expecting me to call it.. You have done broken out all the rule books on why everything I have typed is wrong.. But call it what you want.. The bike does better before the powerband.. My bike had great topend power and hasn't been effected by the mod. If it had lost topend or the topend had been sapped at all I wouldNt be able to pull 5th so easly with this gearing.. Bike still has great midrange and topend.. It's just not dead before it's on the pipe anymore
  3. Ok. Your post was very windy so I didn't read much of it. My bike is pulling harder before it's on the pipe. It lugs around much easier then before. Torque has nothing to do with this post. I cut my silencer and my bike is easier to ride at low rpms it also has more snap and finds the powerband much easier. I might of lost torque as your saying but I made up some unexplainable new curve of power which had not been defined yet in the horsepower books.. Save it man I really don't care. If It didn't work I wouldn't of bothered posting.
  4. I gave up on reading the crap they post about there products and modified my "stock" silencer to close to there dimensions (except core diam) and in doing so It helped my bike on the low side.. bottom line is my bike has more grunt, snap, torque or whatever u want to call it or not call it.. it worked.. im not trying to advertise any specific product or make you hack up yours.. IT WORKED FOR MY BIKE do what you want to yours i could care less.. Its not like im trying to get everyone to run out and buy stock silencers and cut them short. regardless of theory.. I cut 5 inches off my pipe I have a deeper more powerful sound and the "powerband" comes in much lower and much stronger and comes in sooner. im happy with what I ended up with.. my silencer had no sparky since i have had the bike so.. and the shorty is very respected and used around here on the GNCC circuit.. i ride my bike wide open as often as I can.. woods,track, roads, railroad, gravel pits, whatever.. I have no Issue riding my bike fast in the woods.. but I do know that whatever "MAGIC" that has happend to my silencer by cutting it short helps me in and out of the tight corners followed by steep uphill climbs as well as in the tight stuff on the track
  5. after listening to the bike most of the HIGH pitch sound comes from the expansion chamber being audible due to the factory silencer being much quieter.. the deep tone exists but is over powered by the pinging and cracking in the expansion chamber. shortening my silencer took about 5 inches of core length and packing out.. bike tone isnt necessarily and DEEPER per say, only more audible so the deeper more powerful sound is enough alone for me to do this mod. not that theres anything wrong with that "0 M. F. G! this thing is about to FN explode" sound we all have grown to love so much
  6. I have no idea why but this works in reverse with a 4 stroke. shorter the silencer the less back pressure and you end up with less grunt and more top end. a 2 stroke seems to be more snappy while less overall exhaust length. i have heard of people cutting a few inches out of there expansion chamber to modify power curve.. i have a $200 fmf fatty moto head pipe.. im not getting near it with a torch or saw. i figured if i messed up the silencer it would "force" me to have to buy a brand new shorty or powercore 2 (key word "force" is the word i would have to use on the wife.. as if i HAD to buy a new one or my bike would explode ) i figured it was a win win.. because if i messed it up i would end up with a pretty new silencer if i did a good job on it would i could live with it.
  7. Ok i really got to beat on my bike today. as a skeptic myself I didnt understand or buy into the though that a shorter exhaust would actually do anything but make the bike louder.. and I was thinking that the difference in "Core diameter" would be "boosting low end" not the length of the silencer.. but after deciding to break the hacksaw and rivet gun out and give it a try.. and to my suprise it made a "noticible" difference in snap out of the corners and response when short shifting.. when lugging out of the woods in second gear the bike requires no trigger pulling to get on the pipe like before and when in 3rd the bike doesnt fall off the pipe when bouncing through heavy roots and erosion on steep long uphills.. all and all i would recommend anyone to try it its easy and in my case worked pretty well for my bike.. thanks for reading good stuff
  8. http://s798.photobucket.com/albums/yy267/wr400fdunk/bike/?action=view&current=iphones039.jpg Try this link. u can see where i cut it down it cuts half the warning label off i also changed the location of the rivets for easier drilling when its time for a repack. bike sounds better deeper tone and louder
  9. Has anyone else did it? I have a 98 RM250 with a fatty and a stock silencer. I did some research on RMatvMX on the FMF shorty and i was reading the reviews and some smart @$$ kept posting that cutting the stock pipe down would do the same thing. so I gave it a shot. I cut 5 inches out of my silencer and repacked. noticed a difference on the bottom end for sure and gets on the pipe on easier when u pull the trigger. saved me a $115 for now
  10. http://gadsden.craigslist.org/mcy/1667477864.html hahaha every gear
  11. http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1663589871.html lol i guess this bike doesnt have a powerband lol
  12. http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1644160917.html I wonder what these bikes would be like without a "powerband"
  13. http://lexington.craigslist.org/mcy/1654917329.html more power bands
  14. http://eastky.craigslist.org/mcy/1665894445.html more powerbands
  15. http://mansfield.craigslist.org/mcy/1666052541.html NEW POWERBAND VALVES?!?!?!