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  1. fishmstr

    Lets see some pics of your honda quads

    My Baby, they way it should look. Before new tires and lift kit.
  2. fishmstr

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Dang I just spent 1/2 hour typing up my experience with my new RBWCO (rebadged lifan) 200cc bike. Then TT crapped out on me when I went to post. Oh well here's a pic at least.
  3. Yes any state inspection station should be able to inspect it. If not check with your local dealers many of them do inspections.
  4. fishmstr

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I just did a search on Roketa at nhtsa and is showed nothing. Where did you go to do the search I'd like to see what all comes up.
  5. fishmstr

    How bad can it be? 250cc Chinese Dirtbike

    I'm outta this BS forum. I came here to get REAL info on these bikes and all I get is stupid childish BS form people making up for their own shortcomings. If you don't have something to post from real experience why don't you do what your mother told you and keep your mouths shut. If you have real world experience with these brands speak up, if not why don't you just keep your smartaleck comments to yourself. Your comments are worthless and add absolutely nothing to this forum. BYE
  6. fishmstr

    How bad can it be? 250cc Chinese Dirtbike

    I really find it humerous how some on here are guaranteeing they will fall apart in ten years. I wonder how they know that? And those who say japanese bikes were such high quality, I'd like to know how old they are. Have they ever seen a 70's model japanese enduro like the TS185? No suspension, tempermental two strokes. What about the 60's models, how many have you seen? Very few I imagine, they were nowhere close to the Hardleys and Indians in quality, but sure were a lot cheaper. So obviously those who make those comments do not have a clue as to what the are talking about. My guess is they are to young to remember when "Built in Japan" equaled "trash throw away item".
  7. fishmstr

    How bad can it be? 250cc Chinese Dirtbike

    I keep hearing this crap about it's better to buy a used jap bike. What a crock of manure, I'll be picking up my 2006 Kazuma Gy200 next weekend total cost. $675 For the price of a decent used jap bike I could buy 4 Kazuma and use 3 for parts if needed.