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  1. macht

    finding a husky dealer

    The guys at Northern Colorado BMW / Ducati (loveland) were talking about bringing Husky on the last thing I heard. The shop is filled with lots of big dirt fans even though it is a street shop. Try talking to Jeremy or Tyler. It's a great place for service & parts for Ducati & BMW so if they're going to do it, they'll do it right. Most important thing... they are all riders! www.bmwducati.com
  2. macht

    Breakin' her in (new TE510)

    Thanks. Its no fun when that happens as you're trying to crawl up a hill. Thank god for e-start. Either I need to learn the bike or opt for a rekluse (but that's cheating, isn't it?)
  3. There are barely any trails open yet, but I wanted to get the initial break-in done ASAP so I headed up a boring road along the MN / WI state line. First impressions were excellent. So much fun! I do see the need for a steering damper, engine protection, exhaust guard (rooster), jet tweaking, and a serious suspension set-up. Being 250lbs. on a bike that was probably sprung for someone 170, I got bounced around like a pogo stick with the stock set-up. I didn't even bother setting the sag before hand and I now wish I did. I've seen quite a few posts on suspension shops, but who's the best and why? I'm not a pro, I just want control. Coming from a XR650R this is so much more manageable. I'd like a little bit more low-end throttle control for creeping around technical terrain (keep stalling it), but I can probably fix that with jetting. At least I don't have to kick the BRP any longer! I found some mud (the rut was deeper than expected), got it stuck and spent a half hour pulling it out. see pic. I've been a lurker on this site for the past year and finally decided to pull the trigger on this bike. Thanks to all of you in helping me with my decision for the best dirt bike I've ever owned/ ridden.
  4. I spoke to Steve over at Halls last week and he said that they have 1 TE450 and 2 TE510's that aren't spoken for. Last ones for the year. Someone move quick!!!
  5. macht

    Where to buy

    If customer service means nothing to you, they're great!
  6. macht

    Response to TE610 "lemon" allegations

    Erik, Good post, but all in vain because you are propagating the lousy dealer network by purchasing from someone that sells volume exclusively on price. Where do you go if/when you have a problem? Like you said " you're on your own". What good is a warranty when there is no one to service it? Living in MSP myself, I am intending on purchasing a new TE510 and wouldn't give those guys a nickle when I saw how they treated the brand. I'd rather drive to Chicago or Springfield and know that my dollar might be more, but it is going somewhere to support the good dealers. Look at the staff at MCC or Halls. Most of these guy have been there for years and they will continue to be because they have made the commitment to take the high road and focus on SERVICE. The sales dept. might sell the first bike, but parts and service will sell the second and third. BTW I drive through IL all the time. I know that we're kinda screwed since we only have one dealer in Minnesota, but if you every need a new Husky, I'd haul it back from one of these guys for you for free. One other thing... OEMs can't just 'jerk' a franchise from a dealership. It is way more complicated than that. Regardless of their performance. It sucks, but most state laws are very protective of the dealer. With the volume theory no one wins.
  7. I'm the quiet one here usually, but before you burn these guys at the stake consider this post: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=164039&highlight=rob+keith There is also plenty of positive things said about him here. Don't go on a witch hunt. They run incredibly lean at HuskyUSA and doing pretty damn good when you consider the recent growth spurt they have gone through. Would you have seen Husky at the Motorcycle Shows 5 years ago? Are they building some of the best street-legal dual-sports on the market? Hell YES. Do they build bikes that have occasional problems? Yeah, but so does every other OEM in the world. BMW motorcycles are touted as being reliable, right? Try calming down a customer after they lost their final drive within 700 miles and spending $22000 on a motorcycle. BMW will deny any problems until they are blue in the face. These are machines and they are not perfect. It is all how the problem is dealt with. Which leads us to my next thought... In my history of working in Motorcycle shops, this problem should have been resolved where you bought your bike. In theory... the dealer takes care of the customer and then the OEM takes care of the dealer. Even more so with a smaller OEM, because they don't have the infrastructure to offer customer support that one of the Big-4 can. They rely on the dealers to manage this. I'm not saying that the way that Husky handled it was right, but it really should of been taken care of at the dealer level. More than likely the dealer doesn't sell enough Husky's to bother caring about setting the bike up properly (not everything comes perfect from the factory) or learning about how to take care of the customer. Maybe you unintentionally rubbed them the wrong way. Who knows. I agree with Mikekay... take it somewhere you are confident that it will be resolved and ride on. These places exist and there are dealers just looking for an opportunity to rescue a customer from a bad experience so they can earn their business. This forum is the perfect place to find these shops. The other note about the US only having a 6-month warranty and Australia having 2 years... it is built into the price of the bike by either the subsidiary or importer. Most OEM's try to offer something similar to what is being offered in their country and get the price to be as reasonable as possible. off my soapbox...