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  1. Hi Eddie; Yes the idle is affected by the air/fuel screw. With the smaller pilot it is between 1.5-2 turns out. Do you have any idea what is causing the initial starting issue with having to use the hot start and choke?? I checked my valves, reshimmed the exhaust valves slightly but they are all now in spec. Thanks for your help. Regards, Marc
  2. Hi R Little, Yes my 2005 YZ 450F bike has been doing this and it also requires the Hot Start with the choke when I first start it. Going to a 42 from a 45 pilot helped. How do you lower the float and how do you measure it?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marc
  3. My 2005 YZ450F currently has a JD jetting with ZIP TY carb. mod. This past year it has had 2 annoying issues. #1. When I first start it. It only likes to start with the Choke and the Hot Start - at least for the first few seconds once its running. #2. When it's warmed up and I'm descending a hill with it idling at times it will just die and then it is hard to start. Lately I've gone down on the Pilot from a #45 to #42 and adjusted the fuel screw which seems to have helped the stalling while descending hills with the bike idling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated though on why it requires the hot start with the choke on when I first start it?? Thanks, Marc
  4. lucio2

    splitting cases on 03 yz450f (How Hard)?

    Shortburb, What parts were worn and needed replaced?? Right now my 05 YZ450F clunks when you put it in first gear. Did you replace the crank assy.?? Also, did you notice a big difference once everything was reassembled?? Thanks, lucio2
  5. Hi, My CRF230F will not idle until it is really warmed up(10+ minutes). The carb main jet has been increased one size up and it has an aftermarket BBR pipe on it. The bike does not idle on any choke setting until its ridden for 10+ minutes. I've tried adjusting the air/fuel screw also. Will you mod cure this and the popping on decel?? Thanks for your help. Marc Facchini:ride:
  6. Used mine once on my 2005 YZ450F and it worked great. If you know of anyone who's interested in a ESL-380 stator, regulator and WR style headlight for $125 let me know
  7. Has anyone tried putting a 2003-05 WR450F rear fender on a 2005 YZ450F?? Is it just a bolt on or do you have to make some mods??
  8. Anyone out there have and OEM 2003-05 WR450 rear fender/tailight and front fender/number plate they would like to sell. Need to put lighting kit on my 2005 YZ450F for Baja 500.