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  1. I'll post a follow up when I get it running. Thanks for you help.
  2. I tested the stator output prior to finding the bad crank and it was 20 volts below spec. Thought that was the problem until I saw the metal stuck to the pulse coil.
  3. The 08 motor ate the big end of the rod and the debris took out the piston and bore. It might need a stator as well as it was covered in metal "fuzz" and would hardly run. Found an 07 with a new top end and was hoping to just swap them. Sounds like it's worth trying it without the gear sensor. thanks, Rob
  4. I was afraid of that... Thanks
  5. Looking at a used 07 engine for an 08 frame. I know the CDI/gear position switch is different on the 08. Can I just run the 07 set-up? TIA
  6. Proof you can wheelie just about anything....
  7. Those of us who ride or may someday ride these trails in and around Flagstaff, AZ need to step up and help fight to keep them open. This area is truly a special place to ride. Please help if you can......
  8. Who knew the microfiche would lie?
  9. Actually, it makes it harder as I will be ordering another seal to do it properly:foul: Thanks for the info... BTW......
  10. Thanks for the replies guys.....I agree about most seals being installed with the numbers facing outward....this seal has no markings on the metal cover side. In the case of a RH crank seal, the idea is to keep the trans oil separate from the crank. Still doesn't make sense. I installed the seal as per the fiche pic using Yamabond. It will either work or it won't.
  11. I know this sounds lame but a guy brought me his 07 RM250 bottom end with the RH crank seal popped out of the case. It was laying up against the back side of the drive gear. I know someone had previously changed it as there was a hammer dent on the edge of the seal bore. It's an odd looking seal with a metal cover/wiper seal on one side and a traditional spring/lip on the opposite side. It had been installed with the spring side facing outward which is normally correct. Trouble is, I looked online at the microfiche that clearly shows the spring/lip inward and the metal cover facing outward.......which is it? thanks.....
  12. 92 XR628 Al Baker Baja Commander.